April 11, 2009

Interesting experience of the 9principles/12 values

Hi folks… I just had to share with you all an experience I had today.  I went to my local FedEx/Kinkos to get a pile of business cards with the 12 Values and 9 Principles on them for this next week.  I gave the young man behind the counter my thumb drive with the card on it and he went to work checking to see if it was ready to print.  There was also a young lady working behind the counter and she and he collaborated on the design.  He suggested that I make a couple of minor changes so that it would fit on the card better.  I went home, made the changes and came back to a firestorm!  The 12 V's and 9 P's had ignited a conversation about the constitution!  They began asking questions – the young man was quite conservative, but the young lady was quite obviously pretty far to the left.  The one thing that I found interesting, however was that she didn't really know WHY she believed the way she did.  She in particular began asking very good questions about the purpose of the constitution, why we are taxed at the levels we are, how we can have a say in our government… just lots of things.  The items that Glenn has put together are so powerful.  Pretty soon, there were several folks discussing and interacting and … it wasn't a PRO or ANTI-Obama thing.  It was an American discussion!  This is exactly what we have to remember – We are all Americans.  The values and principles (along with our personal ethics and morals) are ultimately what we MUST focus on.  They almost certainly can lead to discussions of policy and politics, but the key thing is that it is imperative that we all keep our comments, our thoughts and our focus on these items as they will keep our message clear and un-muddied.


Anyway, I just found it so fantastic that folks with such diverse political 'leanings' could discuss rather than fight, and actually we all learned something from the experience.  It's the American experience!

Doug Fitler


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