November 18, 2012

USA on verge of new reality via falling off fiscal cliff~ FairTax will save us #tcot #sgp #p2

History shows the elites on both sides of the isle are for growing the National government power base. Otherwise, we would hear from one of the sides about FairTax, that changing the tax structure is what it takes to correct our fiscal cliff hanging. We will fall as the inflation of the QEs catches up. We have had easing without defining it as such, meaning QE3 happened two easing ago. 

We are going to see 10 dollar gas before long. It is part of the long term plan to undo the remainder of the Constitution by implementing martial law brought on by our falling off this fiscal cliff. All the acts we see in DC are mere illusion dancing to lull us off the cliff.

When the GOP took power under Bush43, they proved that their platform they espoused is not the platform they are governing to obtain. It is a smokescreen to the hidden power of the Shadow elites of this world. The right danced to not go the way of statist, while the left pushed communism. The right compromised to the left continuously while the media painted the path for the leftists to take America down. Now we are to the breaking point, to a point where the Constitution is ignored in the dictatorial administering of Federal power thru Czars.

Constitutional conduct by all Governments, FairTax by all governments and enacting the Personhood Act is our only way to saving the Greatest Society ever Blessing this Planet.
If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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