November 16, 2012

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"Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

2013 Tax Reform And Closing Arguments

If you paid attention to your TV before the election, you saw millions of dollars in advertising promoting or attacking candidates. If you didn't tune it out, you probably noticed that negative ads seemed to gradually decrease as we approached November 6.

This welcome change of tone in an election cycle is called a "closing argument." Ads become more positive and condense a candidate's best arguments into a personal appeal that a voter will remember as they walk into the voting booth.

So with tax reform on the agenda in Congress, we need to 'sell' the FairTax to fellow Americans like never before. Here is a closing argument for the FairTax:

The FairTax legislation eliminates over 72,000 pages of the tax code and regulations that depress our economy and frustrate the nation every April 15th – and every payday. Would you like to keep what you earn, control when you pay taxes and enjoy greater economic freedom? Do you want to bring American jobs back, along with the Made In America label?

Do you want to have greater economic opportunity for yourself, for your children and the following generation? With the FairTax , we can grow the economy like never before, shine transparency on Washington's lobbyist culture and make politicians accountable for what the government consumes.

But can we do this?

Tax reform will happen. It's only a matter of deciding what type of reform we get.

In fact, Representative Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways & Means just stated: "Let me repeat that: we intend to move a comprehensive tax reform bill in 2013 – no matter what."

As we emphasized in last week's FairTax Friday, the House Committee on Ways & Means is where tax reform will be decided. That makes the FairTax' strong showing at the tax symposium earlier this month even more impressive considering it took place in the Chairman's district!

With over 80 Congressmen and Senators having signed onto the FairTax legislation, the FairTax is the leading tax reform bill!

Additionally, with the looming fiscal cliff of the Congressional sequestration, it is imperative we ensure Washington hears from you that there is only one solution for America's economic crisis - the FairTax Plan.

Please take action on the right to make FairTax the law of the land.

Thank you!

Update: The FairTax in Chile?

Last week we told you about Jim Bennett, FairTax leader from New Jersey, and his planned meeting with Miguel Zamora, legislative counsel at the Ministry of Economics in Santiago, Chile.

We are delighted that the FairTax was well received in Chile and wanted to share a portion of Jim's excellent report:

"I met the morning of November 14, 2012 with Miguel Zamora, Tax Policy Coordinator, Chilean Ministry of Economics ("Hacienda") at his office in Santiago. Ahead of the meeting, Mr. Zamora had been given the link to the FairTax site and sent a copy of: 1) the FairTax bill; 2) the Tuerck paper on the economic effects of the FairTax; and 3) the Kotlikoff-Tuerck paper on what rate works.

Mr. Zamora is a person who can make things happen in Chile if he is interested. And he is - in the FairTax.

I brought with me a printout of a PowerPoint similar to the one I usually use for congressional briefings but pitched to a more theoretical level. I also adapted the presentation to the Chilean tax system. The choice of level turned out to be right. Zamora had a quick grasp of complex issues. 

I expressed my interest as a private citizen in talking to the Chilean government about the FairTax by stating that I could not predict where the conversation would lead. But if Chile were to become the first country to adopt a true FairTax, there would be pressure on my own country for our legislators to follow.

It helped that I understood the mechanics of VAT's. Chile has its IVA (Impuesto al Valor Agregado). For Chile to have the equivalent of the FairTax, it would have to expand the base of its IVA. I showed Mr. Zamora the Tuerck study indicating that the rate, with prebate, could actually be lower, even though it replaces itself and includes revenue from other eliminated taxes. Mr. Zamora was familiar with the fact that there is no US federal VAT but state sales taxes."

Jim Bennett and Miguel Zamora meeting in Chile

FairTax Act in the News

FairTax: The answer to our national, critical financial crisisMidland Daily News

…America's economy continues to sputter along, unable to support the roughly 12 million people who were unemployed in September, of which 40 percent have been so for six months or more. The American people deserve a Congress that will seriously address the root cause of the problem – a 73,608-page tax code that is slowly destroying free enterprise and polarizing the American people into a nation of haves and have-nots.  This is not a partisan Republican or Democratic issue.  Rather, it is an American issue that goes to our ability as a nation to remain a free and independent republic.

I was honored to participate in Northwood University's recent Tax Symposium. The distinguished panel had a lively discussion about the tax reform imperative that Congress must immediately address.  Midland, Michigan was the perfect setting for this important discussion because, as Congressman Fred Upton once said, "People in Michigan are good at separating fact from fiction. They know, better than most of the country, what happens to the economy and jobs when the scales are tipped too far in favor of one group over another."

A growing number of Americans have separated fact from fiction and have determined that the only viable tax reform solution is to replace the current federal income tax system with a federal consumption-based tax plan that taxes individuals on what they spend, not what they earn…

- Leo Linbeck, Jr.

Fair Tax Needed - Sit News

Dear Editor,

The income tax creates a stagnant economy for the United States.  Companies have moved overseas to give their investors a tax advantage.  They will not return to the U.S. until our system gives them an advantage in the world market.  

The answer to this is The Fair Tax Plan.  It will: eliminate income tax and the IRS, jump-start the economy, bring jobs back to the US, capture untaxed dollars currently lost to criminal and offshore businesses, allow you to keep 100% of your paycheck, let you save all the money you want and pay taxes only when you spend it, eliminate taxes you don't even know you are paying, lower interest rates and make April 15 just another beautiful spring day. If everyone tells their congressman to support HR25, we can turn this economy around as soon as it is enacted.

- Roy T Newsom

The November FairTax Webinar 

With Special Topic: Why a Reformed Income Tax is Not the Answer: How an Income Tax Stifles Growth and Expansion

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Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, webinar producer and host from Orlando, Florida. In their fourth year, Marc's webinars draw national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting introduced to the FairTax.

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