August 12, 2010

[mikehuckabee-190] Why I voted for BILL McCOLLUM for Governor ~Ann


Subject: Re: [mikehuckabee-190] Why I voted for BILL McCOLLUM for Governor [in case you were wondering]
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 21:59:50 -0400

Hello friends. 


I dug all the dirt up on Scott several months ago, and put it up on F.B, I also emailed it out, so that  you could see what type of person Rick Scott is and was.  No one wanted to believe me...Not even the Christians.  Now his true nature and his past it is finally surfacing.  Thank you Lord! This is a very bad person, who has taken channeled money from Obama's group to run his campaign.  I found this information several months ago. That is not the only problem.  I had him on my face book, and told him to repent of his past sins, (if) he wanted our Christian votes.  Not only did he not (repent of his sins) But he chased me on FB via his friends, and they latter gave my viruses.  Finally they took over my entire FB page. 


Rick Scott sounds like another BHO to me, and his track records shows it.   If you vote this person in.....don't cry when he becomes another Obamite!


Pray, Pray Pray! ...that God will give wisdom to the voters. 


Here is another creditable site!



Subject: [mikehuckabee-190] Why I voted for BILL McCOLLUM for Governor [in case you were wondering]

can you pass this one on......

Subject: Why I voted for BILL McCOLLUM for Governor [in case you were wondering]

Republican Voters-
I enthusiastically endorse Attorney General McCollum in the republican primary for Governor- please read why below and attached.
I did not grow up a Bill McCollum fan! [I preferred the NY Yankees being from N.J..] Although I have come to respect and admire him as a public servant- I was open to other choices for Governor. Heck, I wasn't even committed to backing our sitting republican Governor, Charlie Crist, in his U.S. Senate bid and I quickly became a Marco Rubio supporter. So, clearly I was open to alternatives...
The Bible tells us that God will entrust us with smaller things, and if we prove competent and worthy in His eyes, then we will be given more responsibility or opportunity.
Bill McCollum has had a distinguished career as a public servant, from the U.S. Navy, as a U.S. Attorney, to the U.S. Congress and now as the Attorney General for the State of Florida. In this distinguished career he has been honest, hard working, trustworthy; and, a reliable leader on the conservative issues we cherish. He led the effort to impeach Clinton, and led the charge to file legal challenges to the overreaching Federal legislation that is Obamacare. Today he proposed changes to Florida's handling of illegal immigrants [see below]. He knows our State's rights and the U.S. Constitution and he's stood firm on them. See his website for where he stands on so many issues.
A challenger emerged- Rick Scott- an enormously wealthy businessman, so called 'self-made', but with an enormous ethical cloud hanging over the very place he made his fortune, as well as a new venture he endeavored. He has spent huge sums of his own money to win, while McCollum is constrained by Florida's campaign finance laws. He brags that he started his businesses from scratch, and this is to be seen as a virtue; yet, in his first foray in to politics, he wants the TOP job in Florida. Well! What happened to working your way up?
'Poor man want to be rich, rich man want to be king'- and for Scott this seems to be true. I have found his campaign to be repulsive and an insult to my intelligence. Here's why....
Scott has spent millions of dollars telling us that McCollum is not a conservative, before spending a dime to tell us anything about himself, yet, he wants us to believe he's not like those nasty career politicians who'll say anything to get elected. Huh? [McCollum has a long track record- it's easy to know where he stands.] Read the endorsements of McCollum below from many respected conservatives.. And the attached list that details his voting records. 
Scott has spent millions just to tell us that McCollum was against the 'Arizona law' and we were to then believe that meant he was weak on illegal immigration. Perhaps McCollum is guilty of speaking too fast to a reporter, but he has since, and before, made it quite clear that Florida law enforcement already has the right to verify citizenship of those suspected of crimes, which he supports.
And his 'I'll run it like a business' mentality to being Governor ignores the reality that an elected Legislature and a long term judiciary pose for him. He'll be in an entirely different environment with a new set of rules. To be a great Governor [see- Jeb Bush- who supports McCollum] you've got to be able to move the Legislature and public opinion.
Recently, I attended a candidates debate in an interview format hosted by the Church of All Nations and co-sponsored by the Christian Family Coalition and some CBS affiliates. Scott was a no-show- canceling 1 hour before [his campaign now says he was never committed]. This is a pattern of behavior for him [see Michael Putney's commentary just below] and portends a bad general election strategy. Governors, like Presidents, must be able to move and shape public opinion by engaging the public. Scott can't govern with 30 second ads.
So, do republicans want to run a man who made hundreds of millions, while his company committed the largest medicare fraud ever, for Governor? I hope not, because Scott will lose. We need to know how to separate the 'wheat from the chaff.Bill McCollum has the honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience to lead Florida. Please vote for him in the republican primary on August 24.
Rick Scott -- buyer beware

Rick Scott has refused to meet with newspaper editorial boards around the state, and his campaign staff has limited access to him for extended interviews. He refused to take part in Wednesday night's scheduled statewide TV debate. But I was able to speak at length with Scott last Sunday about a wide range of policy issues and personal philosophies and came away with these impressions.

Compare here: McCollum Scott Side by Side  
ENDORSEMENTs from Independent sources- Rick Scott has NO major newspaper endorsements:
2- The Florida Chamber of Commerce almost never gets involved in primaries. And they are hardly a biased special interest group- they represent ALL businesses. Here's the ad they did for Bill:



ANNOUNCES Support for bill mccollum for governor


(Orlando, FL)  Today, John Stemberger and Dennis Baxley the statewide co-chairman of the Social Conservatives for Bill McCollum announced the statewide coalition of grassroots supporters in virtually every county in the state.  

"There is a now a clear consensus among the leadership of the conservative pro-life and pro-family movement that Bill McCollum is the only candidate we to trust to stand in support of life, marriage and family issues.  Grassroots leaders in virtually every region of the state are supporting Bill McCollum and the numbers are growing daily.  We will not allow our state to be bought by a Texas billionaire lawyer who has lived here for only less than a decade." 

Today we announce the following coalition members that have been added to the grassroots network.  Many of these local grassroots leaders are the same ones that lead the grassroots efforts to pass the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment in 2008 by nearly 62%.  They are pastors, community leaders, pro-life leaders, citizen activists, and professionals.  But they all believe that Bill McCollum is the only trusted conservative choice for Florida's next Governor. 


Pastor Richard G. Cicio, Gainesville



Barbara Collier, Fort Lauderdale

Scott Spages



Steve Wise, Jacksonville

Jared Powers, Jacksonville

Raymond Johnson, Jacksonville



Dr. John Baehr III, MD, Pensacola


Indian River:

Dr. Craig McGarvey



Jim Finnegan, Naples

Kathleen Sullivan, Naples


Escambia :

Father Jack Gray


Hillsborough :

Pastor Travis Smith, Hillside Baptist Church*, Tampa

Pastor Jack L. Martin Sr., Praise Family Worship Center*, Fire Chaplin



Richard Albertson, Tallahassee

Carole Griffin, President, Florida Eagle Forum*, Tallahassee

Pam Olsen, National Day of Prayer*, Tallahassee



Sara Leon, Miami Dade Christian Coalition*, Miami

Rev. Richard and Bonnie Lucas, Miami

Robert Rosasco, Miami



Russ Amerling, Ocala

Dennis Baxley, Former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition, Ocala



Pastor Jerry Creel, Conservative Ministers of Central Florida

Pastor Dan Green, Eastland Baptist Church*, Orlando

Rafeal Neves, USA Brazilian Family Values*, Orlando

Tomas Lares, National Day of Prayer *; Orlando

B..J. West, Winter Park

Danielle Hilson, Mother, Conservative Activist, Apopka

Michael A. Schrimsher, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform*, Orlando

John Stemberger, Chairman, Florida Family Action-PAC

Walt Meloon, Orlando

Mat Staver, President, Liberty Counsel*, Orlando, FL / Lynchburg, VA

Linda Rooks, Author, Former President of Central Florida Right to Life*, Maitland

Sandra Joseph, Former Board Member of Florida Right to Life*, Windermere

Marsha Muller, Former Board Member of Florida Right to Life*, Eustis

Judy Johnson, Sidewalk Coordinator of Pro-Life Action Ministries*, Orlando

Jane Brooks, Former President of Women for Responsible Legislation*, Orlando

Adam Goldman, Vice President of Florida Right                 to Life


Palm Beach:

Tom Trento, President, Florida Security Council*, Palm Beach

News Max Magazine, Palm Beach



Clint Cline, Design4, Plant City

Kelli Stargel, Wife, Mother, State Representative, Lakeland


St. John's:

Kim Kendall, Wife, Mother, Conservative Activist, St. Augustine



Christine Moore, Orange County School Board, Apopka

City Commissioner Coleen Hufford, Casselberry

Pastor Jesse Phillips, Winter Park

Mike Gotschall, Winter Park



Ted Baer

Founder, Movie Guide*


Gary Bauer

Campaign for Working Families


Dr. Ron F. Docksai
Vice President, Buckley Communications Foundation*


Everett Piper

President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University*


Phyllis Schlafly

President, Eagle Forum*


*For identification purposes only.

5- Dick Morris makes the case for Bill: Breaking from
Dick Morris: Only McCollum Can Win Fla. Governor for GOP
Fox News analyst and best-selling author Dick Morris wrote a letter to Floridians today pressing the need to elect state Attorney General Bill McCollum as the Republican candidate for governor in the state's primary election.
Morris sent the letter, on the first day of early voting in the run-up to the Aug. 24 primary, saying that McCollum can deliver a GOP victory on Election Day in November, in contrast to his opponent, Rick Scott.
"It is critically important that Bill McCollum win the Florida Republican primary for governor," Morris' letter says. "Rick Scott's record of constant and continuing involvement with the worst kind of Medicaid fraud makes it almost impossible for him to win the governorship should he win the primary.
"And, if the Florida governorship goes to the Democrats, it means a decade of Democratic congressmen from Florida when the state's new congressional lines are drawn in 2011."
McCollum and Scott are embroiled in a heated battle, with much of the controversy focusing on the fact that Scott founded healthcare giant Columbia/HCA and was CEO in the mid-1990s when the FBI launched a massive probe of its billing practices. Scott resigned in 1997 and never was charged himself, but Columbia/HCA was fined $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines for Medicare fraud.
"Scott has, literally, made $300 million from his company's golden parachute and is now using this money to pay for his campaign ads trying to induce us to trust him as our governor," says Morris, who endorsed McCollum in June. "And, ongoing court records indicate that he is at it again in his new company. I have personally examined these records and can tell you that Scott's conduct is horrific."
Dick Morris concluded that electing McCollum would ensure a candidate who "will be a true Republican governor, unlike [Gov. Charlie] Crist, and can win in November. He is a straight-out fiscal conservative who won't raise taxes and who is determined to bring the Arizona anti-immigration law to Florida."
TODAY- Florida AG Proposes Law Against Illegal Immigrants
Wed Aug 11 15:11:30 UTC 2010
By Barbara Liston
ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum on Wednesday proposed legislation that would toughen law enforcement measures against illegal immigrants in the melting-pot southeastern U.S. state.

The proposal by McCollum, who is engaged in a tough election race as a Republican candidate for the state governorship, was certain to thrust Florida into the sensitive immigration debate that has become a hot political issue ahead of mid-term Congressional elections on November 2.

"Florida will not be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens," McCollum, who was accompanied by state Representative Will Synder, said in a statement that also gave details of the proposed law.
The legislation would require law enforcement officials to check a suspected illegal immigrant's status in the course of a stop, or a violation of another law.

This goes beyond the existing situation in the state where officers are allowed to check for immigration status, but not required to.

Florida, especially its southern portion, is a major U.S. migration destination for nationals from the Caribbean and Latin America, making it a cultural and racial melting-pot.

McCollum's office said the proposed Florida immigration legislation goes "one step further" than a similar law recently introduced in Arizona, which has triggered protests and a constitutional challenge from President Barack Obama's administration.

"I think Arizona is going to want this law," McCollum said at the event in Orlando presenting the legislation.

His office said it would go further than the Arizona law by giving judges and law enforcement officers more tools in dealing with illegal immigrants, from bond rulings through to sentencing.
It was also strengthened against potential constitutional challenges, it added.
(Reporting by Barbara Liston; Editing by Pascal Fletcher and Sandra Maler)
Also- Rick Scott's lies about Bill McCollum- in under 2 minutes: CBS Orlando Fact Check

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