August 12, 2010

J Gillman~After #Mi01 Certification, Allen & Benishek should reach out to ea other & go on message against McDowell

In commenting to this Blog

Jason Gillman said...
It costs $10 per precinct to have the votes re-tallied. Jason will pick ones that he believes will favor his chances if errors are found. Dan will likewise select those who he sees as favoring his chances.

It should be assumed that all precincts have appropriate management, but that mistakes can happen. Which is why Allen would be acting irresponsibly if he were to concede based on the single vote difference outcome of the morning after. Benishek would also, if it were him in that situation.

It is expected that this recount process will likely last until Sept 1. That is BAD for the general, and will hurt either candidate against McDowell. Those who are connecting with the good Dr. should encourage him reach out to Allen to do a Joint appearance of solidarity against the democrat immediately, and start attacking with whatever similar messages can be used.

This will encourage continued fund raising for the campaign of Benishek and Allen both which will be needed for recount and the eventual fight against Mcdowell who will have both Stupak's money, and tha backing of big labor which does not want this seat to get into the hands of Republicans.

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