August 02, 2010

Mi- My endorsements for the Primary on Tuesday, August 3rd

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Subject: My endorsements for the Primary on Tuesday, August 3rd

Here are those I support in the primary vote tomorrow, Aug 3rd.  Don't forget to vote.
Michigan Governor:
Pete Hoekstra has the fiscal plan and the small government attitude we need in this day of crisis. 
Secretary of State:
Cameron Brown is probably the best candidate for any position out there.  he has put his hat in the ring to be our secretary and we are blessed for it.
Attorney General:
Mike Bishop has the character and where with all to be our guardian of the State.
Mi State Senate District 31:
Robert Palmer has the conservative wisdom to lead this State back from it's demise and has endorsed FairTax.
Mi State Senate District 37:
Randy Bishop has the ability to get things done.  he is a mover and shaker who see's what is right and will make it so.
Mi State legislature district 97:
Joel Johnson has the elder wisdom and experience to do the job.  He will do us well as a real conservative in the House
1st Congressional District:
Doc Benishek has the backing and the momentum to carry him to a win over the liberal Jason Allen.  Allen represents what is wrong with our government.
If you have a question about your candidate, ask me and I will see if I can help you vote for the Patriot we need to bring this State and nation back to our founding principles and fiscal health, making the USA once again the melting pot of the world.
God, Save America,
R. George Dunn

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