August 02, 2010

#MI FairTax Voter Guide


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MI FAIRTAX CLARION SENTINEL official newsletter vol. 12
Voice Of Tax Excellence
Gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra, and 140 Michigan FairTax candidates running for the legislature, demonstrate leadership and courage by offering the MI FairTax to citizens as a major part of the solution to Michigan's economic problems.  It takes leadership to offer a bold new idea that makes Michigan No.1 in the U.S. for jobs, and it takes courage if that new idea eliminates the special tax favors some powerful special interests derive from the current tax code.
Democrat, Libertarian and Republican candidates for Michigan's house and Senate and the U.S. Congress from across the state have advocated the MI FairTax and national FairTax as Michigan's and America's primary solution to our economic problems. 
MIFairTax, the solution provides Michigan a bright future!

          Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
          The cancer destroying our state government.

          Guarantee citizens keep more of their earnings.
          By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

          Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
reate Michigan Jobs, a magnet for business growth.
          Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to poverty level.

          ONLINETAXREVOLT.COM 277,032 and counting
          Our Goal 1 Million Strong
 Why the FairTax Prebate?  Editorial

It is a fact: Tomorrow, Election Day, is the day that each of us can make a difference in how our government is run. George Washington's quote below is a reminder that our first president feared the power and influence that can accrue to any government when it does not serve the people. If any government believes that the people do not care, that they are asleep and unconcerned, such a government will pillage and remove our freedoms as surely and as fast as they can. The FairTax takes us back to the principals of our founding fathers. The FairTax places fiscal power and responsibility back in the hands of the people where our founding fathers meant it to reside. Today's political elite fear a FairTax, because it reduces their power to play political games and grant political favors. Which do we want? To be free, or to be slaves to the powerful few? To make an informed choice is still an option, but that choice must be followed by a VOTE.
Donald S. "DOBY" Dobrosky Sr.
Editor: Michigan FairTax Clarion Sentinel
George Washington:
"Government is not reason,     
george washington
it is not eloquence, it is force; Like fire, a trouble-
some servant and a fearful
master. Never for a moment
should it be left to
irresponsible action."

Party Time
The Michigan FairTax Association in conjunction with many other freedom loving groups throughout Michigan is planning a super huge rally featuring many FairTax events at the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk September 5th 2010. Help us build this event into a media blockbuster of national significance by planning to be in Mackinaw City to support the Michigan FairTax event and the candidates that have risked all to support and campaign for the Michigan FairTax. If you can help to organize group participation contact our State Activities Director.
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Did You Know?
No Time to Waste!
The FairTax only wins with your support and action!  Find your candidate, tell your friends, family and neighbors who you suggest and why!  Remind and request them by phone call or email to VOTE on Tuesday!
Say "Don't just complain, Vote to fix!"
Current Events!
Jackson Downtown Kiwanis
August 13th, Noon
Romulus Democrat Club
August 18th, 7pm
Locate an event or see what's going on at our website

Schedule an event!

A FairTax speaker can be be obtained for any group in Michigan who requests such a program.  Contact:
Did You Know?
Why not just exempt food and medicine from the tax? Wouldn't that be fair and simple?
Exempting items by category is neither fair nor simple. Economists have shown that the wealthy spend much more on unprepared food, clothing, housing, and medical care than do the poor. Exempting these goods, as many state sales taxes do, actually gives the wealthy a disproportionate benefit.
Also, today these purchases are not exempted from federal taxation. The purchase of food, clothing and medical services is made from after-income-tax and after-payroll-tax dollars, and their purchase price hides the cost of corporate taxes and private sector compliance costs.
Finally, exempting one product or service but not another, opens the door to the army of lobbyists and special interest groups that plague and distort our taxation system today as they seek special tax treatment. Those who have the money will send lobbyists to Washington and Lansing to obtain special tax breaks in their own self-interest. This process causes unfair and inefficient distortions in our economy that the FairTax stops..

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