July 28, 2010

@PeteHoekstra Responds to Desperate Attacks with Truth~ Help Pete- give today #MiFairTax #FairTax


Hoekstra for Governor
July 28, 2010

Dear Friends,

We are down to the final hours of the campaign and my opponents and their
third party interest groups are growing more desperate than ever. They have
spent millions of dollars in frantic attempts to distort my record and
mislead voters. But thanks to supporters like you, the people of Michigan
are not falling for it. These are serious times in Michigan and the last
thing people want are more negative and false campaigns.

You have been a tremendous support throughout this campaign, but our work is
not done yet. These third-party special interest groups have a great deal
of money to run false ads against me. They do not represent the people of
Michigan or their best interests and we must make sure that they do not win
- Michigan's future is depending on it. I need your immediate help to
combat these desperate attacks. With a donation of $20, $50 or even $100 you can help keep this race for governor positive.

While my opponents attempt to distract from scandals and don't have anything
positive to say, I am running a positive campaign, working to find real
solutions for our economy and I am proud to run on my record. I am 100 percent pro-life, I have at straight A rating with the NRA, and I have a 95 percent voting record during my time in Congress. Voters deserve to know the truth about the people they are
electing and that's why today I launched my new television ad "Truth." You
can watch the ad here.

Can you help me fight these shadowy special interest groups? Your donation
of $20, $50 or even $100 today will help keep our "Truth" ad on the air to fight these dishonest attacks. Every dollar that is raised will be directly spent on running this ad.

In addition, you can help by spreading the word and making sure that voters
across the state are receiving the real facts about my record. You can
also help by:

Friend to Friend e-postcards - This is an easy way to spread our positive
message. Simply pick a card, fill in the form with names and e-mail
addresses and send to your Michigan contacts.

Friend to Friend Cards - Grab the church directory, school directory or your
address book and send friend to friend cards. Contact Kris at kris.rose@hoekstraforgovernor.com today to get yours in time.

Phone calls - Team Hoekstra is on the phone day and night reaching out to
voters. Please consider giving an hour or two of your time to help us.
This is a productive use of your time to get Pete elected. PHONE CALL

We are almost to our August 3rd election day, let's finish strong!
Remember, Michigan's future begins with us.


Pete Hoekstra

P.S. Your donation of $20, $50 or even $100 can help us stay on the air and tell Michigan voters the TRUTH.

Support Hoekstra for Governor

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