July 28, 2010

Employment map of United States.....WOW ~ FairTax NOW!!!

If ever it is clear that we need FairTax to get back out manufacturign jobs it is in this map.

And all this since the Democrats took over Congress.

Do government spending and
bailouts help?

scroll down to find map


Very sobering and enlightening. 

Somebody spent a lot of time breaking this down by every county in
the  country.

Review this
Unemployment map of the United States. 

This is hard to believe! I had to review this map a couple of 

times to grasp the enormity of  it.

Displayed this way sure brings the perspective up close and

This is scary. If you have a job, be  thankful!


Be sure to click
the PLAY button in the middle of the map and take note of the dates
above the US map as it advances month 

by month!



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