June 18, 2010

Overcome fear with vision & determination - join the Liberty Activists army | Fw: USSF in Detroit - Live Performances, Film Festival & Cultural Lineup is Ready!


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Subject: Overcome fear with vision and determination - join the Liberty Activists army | Fw: USSF in Detroit - Live Performances, Film Festival & Cultural Lineup is Ready!
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There are several of us Patriots here in Michigan who have our "radars on" to monitor the Left, and open conduits to those who - being in need - fall victim to the "false vision of freedom and liberty" those leaders of the Far Left foster. The younger generations are being co-opted by very sophisticated techniques which embrace loose morals, music, and art (see the email below on the United States Social Forum, bringing thousands to Detroit next week!) These young people are conditioned as "citizens of the world" and do not realize how they are ushering in big government control, dilution of our national borders and culture, and loss of American allegiance.

There is no question in my mind that - if we expect a long-term solution to reversing encroaching Socialism we will need to be able to cross the "political center" and move to awaken members of the Left to their "abuser" - big, liberal government who is only too happy to fill their heads with "idealistic, celebratory delusions."

The corrosive United States Social Forum initiative powers my own passion - and sense of urgency - to get our Liberty movement highly-visible, connected, and coordinated  through the Activists Calendars project. This is a tool that will permit collaboration in posting our groups' events not only within the state, but - if you subscribe to other states - you can help groups there, as well as helping out-of-state family, friends, and/or acquaintances get connected to the Liberty movement. (You can even send them calendar-generated RSVP invitations! Response is returned to you, for feedback on your efforts.)

Does your group have a "Commander" on your state's Activists Calendar?  Many states are in need of a "1st Editor." Perhaps you, or someone you know, can assume leadership to get these calendars up and available. (We're running the Michigan calendar in those states, where we are awaiting a "1st Editor."

Visit: http://usaactivists.com/calendars for an overview.

The Good News: Nowhere on the Left do I see anything as pervasively referential as this Activists Calendars network in an effort to instantly connect, coordinate, group-build, increase event attendance, while being "key-word searchable" - to understand resources being utilized by groups across the States!

However, these "communicating and embedable calendars" (maps, spreadsheet) are only as powerful as those volunteers who recognize their value, and will act. This "Liberty pump" is in need of "priming" in order to get its powerful unifying, and movement-building "engine" roaring. Become a "Commander" or "Recruiter" at [YourStateName]Activists.com - details are at the site.

Hopefully, by activating citizens to events and groups around them, we can elect persons to Congress who will recognize the sanctity of the family, help eliminate the income tax system (a key point of social control), help remove federal intrusion into our schools, and pare back Congress's legislative and monetary intrusion into the States.

Join the Liberty Activists army! This IS a war for hearts and minds. By, ensuring that our events and groups are visible, we are well-poised to take our country back, and overcome those who would seek destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Please pass this along, far and wide.


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Subject: Live Performances, Film Festival & Cultural Lineup is Ready!

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are you ready
10,000 People Registered and Growing!

 (Español abajo)

From June 22-26, 2010, The United States Social Forum will welcome over 10,000 activists to Detroit with a lineup that includes performance art, visual art, and films by creative changemakers from Detroit and around the globe.

US Social Forum cultural programming will cut across genres, mediums, and borders & will be integrated into all aspects of the week's happenings. Are you ready?

View the Music & Performance Schedule...

After the Opening March, A Grand Welcoming

The US Social Forum Opening will be a sacred beginning for our time together.

June 22nd at Cobo Hall will open with indigenous communities from the region, and then witness local, national & international speakers & performers, grounding our 5 days together in song, dance, and poetry.
View the Opening Ceremony Schedule...

Arts & Cultural Spaces : Hart Plaza & Cobo Hall 
 The majority of cultural programming during USSF 2010 will be held in Cobo Hall and Hart Plaza. The week's appenings include:
  • Concerts & Performances at Hart Plaza Amphitheater & Pyramid State
  • Children's Art Village
  • Progressive Film Festival at AFCSME
  • Mural & Graffiti Arts Space
  • Creativity Lab @ Cobo Hall
  • Visual Art Gallery
  • And more throughout the forum..
More about the Spaces...
US Primere of Oliver Stone's "South of the Border"
  The "Another World is Possible Progressive Film Festival" will showcase diverse intergenerational, independent films and videos to share and influence public conversation in ways that inspire, empower, and convey momentum and hope.  
View the Film Festival schedule...
(updated daily)

10,000 han registrado y sigue creciendo

El Foro Social de EEUU dará bienvenida a miles de activistas a Detroit con una programa que incluye presentacions artísticas, arte visual, y películas por artistas locales y de alrededor del mundo.
La programación cultura trascenderá genero, medio, y fronteras, y será integrado en la majoría de aspectos del Foro.
Mas información de artistas y representaciónes...

Despues de la marcha, habra un desfile de bienvenida

La ceremonia de inauguración del Foro Social de EEUU será un principio ceremonioso para nuestro tiempo junta/os.

Abriremos con las comunidades indigenas de la región, y después o remos oradores locales, nacionales y internacionales junto con actos de cultura y entretenimiento, Afianzando con musica, danza, y poesia a los cinco dias que estaremos junta/os.
Mas información de la ceremonia de inauguración...

EEUU Premiere de "Al Sur de la Frontera" por Oliver Stone

El Festival de Cine, como parte de este Foro Social del 2010 demostra diversas películas independientes y vídeos intergeneracionales para formar e influir la conversación pública de manera que transmitan acción y esperanza.

Mas información de Festival de Cine...

Espacios de Arte y Cultura: Hart Plaza y Cobo Hall

La mayoría de la programación cultural durante el USSF 2010 sera localizado en Cobo Hall, Hart Plaza y sus varios salas de representación, incluyendo:

  • El Laboratorio de Creatividad (Creativity Lab)
  • Conciertos y representaciones @ Anfiteatro de Hart Plaza y Escenario Pirámide
  • La Galeria de Arte en Hart Plaza Underground
  • Festival de Cine Progresista @ AFSCME
  • Y mas integrado por el foro.

Mas sobre los espacios de programación cultural...






La fiesta de la gente mas grande que te puedas imaginar

Visite www.LeftistLounge.com para información...

The US Social Forum will provide a space to build relationships, learn from each other's experiences, and share analysis of the problems our communities face. It will help develop leadership, vision & strategy needed to realize another world.


Discounts are still available at Detroit area hotels for groups or individuals at block rates. BOOK NOW!
Many hands are needed to make this a successful week & collective process.

Sign up at the Volunteer Page
Cultural Expressions:

Get Email Updates


For information & outreach materials,

Visit the USSF website
Salvamos un lugar para ti. No se pierda esta histórica reunión.

¡Ya tenemos la lista de oportunidades voluntarias!

Registrese en la
Página de Voluntarios del Foro Social de Estados Unidos.

Todavía queden excelentes habitaciones en bloque en cuatro hoteles en el área de Detroit. Transporte gratis con discuenta USSF!
Mas de Alojamiento...

23 E. Adams, 4th Floor
USSF 2010 c/o MWRO
Detroit, MI 48226
United States

--- We'll see you in Detroit!
USSF 2010 | June 22 - 26, 2010
Detroit, MI

The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.

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