March 29, 2010

Mackinaw Center-'Michigan's Gift to Texas? People' |MiFairTax PLEASE!

Mackinaw Center-'Michigan's Gift to Texas? People'
Recent primary elections in Texas have once again highlighted that state's status as a place people are moving to rather than away from. This makes it a focus of public policy interest for economists and demographers who want to know the reason or reasons that have made the Lone Star state perhaps the most dramatic among a number of American "destination" states. In contrast, Michigan is certainly the most dramatic "flight" full article here
...Specifically, Hicks discovered that for every 10 percent increase in personal taxes, Michigan loses 4,900 people every year thereafter. So, the 11.5 percent personal income tax increase the Legislature imposed in 2007 has already driven more than 10,000 people out of Michigan.
By contrast, Texas has no income tax. This would be a distinct advantage even if it's overall tax burden were higher than in Michigan's, but in fact it is lower. The Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation reports that in 2008 Texas had the 43rd lowest state and local tax burden in the nation, while Michigan came in at 27th.
And taxes are just one variable. Michigan's hostile labor climate and regulatory regime are also adding to the lack of opportunity that's chasing people away.
My comment:
Michigan is one of the most socialist States in the USA while Texas is one of the most liberty oriented States in the Union. What Michigan needs to do to sustain their form of government is to liberate the people by providing the MiFairTax plan, bringing jobs and opportunity to Michigan.

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