March 29, 2010

Gather in DC on April 15th for Tax revolt w/Teaprty Express & others forming the Velvet Revolution

The Tax Revolt
Tea Party Express III


The Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution

On November 17, 1989, riot police suppressed a peaceful student demonstration in Communist-ruled Prague. The event sparked a series of popular demonstrations from November 19 to late December. By November 20, the number of peaceful protesters assembled in Prague had swollen from 200,000 the previous day to an estimated half-million. A two-hour general strike, involving all citizens of Czechoslovakia, was held on November 27. Eleven days after the initial student protest, on November 28, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakian announced it would relinquish power and dismantle the single-party state. 12 days later on December 10, President Gustáv Husák appointed the first largely non-communist government in Czechoslovakia in over 40 years, and then resigned.

Al Sharpton Said You Voted For Socialism...

R. George Dunn

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