March 12, 2010

Help Kill the one trillion dollar health care proposal. Sign 'Scrap the Bill' petition today

Huck PAC 'Scrap the Bill' Petition

63,381 signatures and counting...Sign the Petition below:

Scrap the one trillion dollar health care proposal

 It is time to start over.

Listen to the voices of the people, don't insist on passing a bill that Americans don't want.

 As a taxpayer, I object to adding one trillion dollars to our debt.

As a taxpayer, I can't afford to pay additional taxes to pay for a health care bill that I don't want or need.

As a taxpayer, I don't want my taxes funding abortions.

As a voter I will make you listen to me at the ballot box in November, if you refuse to listen now.

I want Democrats and Republicans to work together to solve our problems.

I want bipartisanship in dealing with any reforms that need to be made to health care.

I want a new bill that doesn't have secret, backroom deals attached to it.

I want a new bill that encourages wellness.

I want a new bill that is drafted in the open, in front of the American people.

I want a new bill that will lower costs, increase choice, and keep the government out of the process.

Mr. President – Call on Congress to scrap the current health care bills – Let's start over and get it right this time.

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