March 18, 2010

catholicvote- 'Stand with Stupak' Video reported upsetting Obama, the Horde of Abortion

@FairTaxNancy Obama is banning this video. keep it going!
my comment:
Through the 1960's to present day, the media has molded the moral value system of America, telling them this and telling them that.  In 1963, the New York Times headline- 'God is Dead' paints well what ensued with abortion being made a right to kill the unborn child.  The Supreme Court has given back to America their Government by removing the gag on Religious freedom in the First Amendment, taking back our Moral Absolutes. Stand and be heard, be counted among the crowds of Teaparty Patriots.
Bart, thankyou for staying strong on this most important immoral fiber we are leading the world in, aborting of babies.  No where in the Constitution can you find such room to act.  To that end, I suggest you focus on the rest of the truth in the Constitution.  God Bless you. For healthcare, mandate State HSA/IRA privately owned to cure SSI/Medicare/aid.
Constitutional conduct and please

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