February 27, 2010

SSI 29 Billion in Red, Fed. spending 2 for 1 dollar taxed. Wheres that Reset Button

We have come to the point of no return.  Our lack of Constitutional adherence gave us SSI and Medicare/Medicaid which are all going broke.  SSI is projected to be 29 Billion dollars in deficit in 2010, with many baby boomers yet to go on the rolls. 
If we do not find the solution that is in our laps to fix this mess, it will destroy us and our Constitution and the liberty and freedom with it.
HSA accounts will put competition back into the healthcare field. Privatizing SSI will safeguard it from the corrupt government stealing it as they already have.
Thus we need to give SSI and the Medical back to the States, cut federal taxes that match it and let the people decide how to proceed in their own State/Nation. An HSA/IRA mandate by states would easily replace the federal systems.
To make the transition it will take about 20 years for those already dependent on the federal programs to be weeded off.  The need to do so is jobs, as it is for everything else. When President Reagan gave us free trade, we were, and still are, under a tax Structure built into the product cost.  So when imports came in, they in essence evaded the federal tax by default, de fault of our government by ignorance or by purpose to distribute USA jobs to the world, left the tax structure in place.  We are now to the end of the collapsing manufacturing market in America and unless we change the tax structure, we will digress either into a communist/fascist state or back into the 18th century with self preservation the norm, gardens or starvation.
We need FairTax yesterday and we need constitutional conduct in DC yesterday.  Without both, our nation's future does not include the liberty and justice we have so taken for granted.
 Thankyou Governor Huckabee for being ahead of the curve on this teaparty movement.  Let your Constitutionalism shine.

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