February 27, 2010

Dr. Dobson Shares Final Thoughts as he retires from Focus on Family

Thank you Doctor Dobson for the years of helping us fight the vast encroachment of secularism throughout the world.
R. George Dunn

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Feb. 26, 2010  

Focus Founder Says Future of U.S. Social Policy
a Mixed Bag

by Nima Reza, managing editor

After 33 years at Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson bids farewell to the organization he began in a small office in Southern California.

Through the vision and leadership of Dr. Dobson, 40 law and policy organizations have been founded over the years, including 37 state-based family policy councils, as well as the national organizations Family Reseach Council, American Family Association and the Alliance Defense Fund. By lending his influence and reputation to these organizations, the legacy of righteousness extends far and wide throughout our country.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dobson during his last week at Focus. His emotions are mixed, and so are his feelings about the future of America.

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In spite of polls showing strong opposition by the American people, President Obama continues to press for faulty health-care reform — that includes federal funding for abortions. Stuart Shepard talks with Focus Action's Federal Policy Analyst Ashley Horne.

We're all imperfect people, but some of us have taken a lifetime searching for perfect ideas. In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard examines the impact of one of those people.

President to Move Forward with Unpopular Health Care Bill

Maryland to Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages

Indiana House Votes Down Marriage Amendment

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PluggedIn Movie Review: Cop Out
What father wouldn't sell his ultra-valuable baseball card and take on a drug cartel to pay for his daughter's ├╝ber-expensive wedding? But do we need to see a foul-mouthed movie about it?

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"By removing the Bible from schools we would be wasting so much time and money in punishing criminals and so little pains to prevent crime. Take the Bible out of our schools and there would be an explosion in crime."

— Founding Father Benjamin Rush

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Through the vision and leadership of Dr. Dobson, 40 law and policy organizations have been founded over the years,

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