February 06, 2010

Governor Mike Huckabee forges closer ties with Israel

Huckabee forges closer ties with Israel
Argentina Star
Saturday 6th February, 2010

A probably candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2012, Mike Huckabee, is
in Israel forging ties.
Former U.S. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has appointed himself a
voluntary ambassador for Israel.

The former Governor of Arkansas, and Baptist pastor, who is now a Fox
News commentator, was in Israel on his twelfth visit, and his 3rd in
less than 2 years, hosting a tour of 170 people, mostly on their first
trip to the Jewish state.

Huckabee is being treated as an honored guest as he is likely to be a
presidential candidate again in 2012, after running second to John
McCain in 2008. He met a gathering of Knesset members Friday, while in
the next few days he will have private meetings with Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Defense Minister Ehud
Barak, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Huckabee heaped praise on Israel while criticizing the United States.
He was particularly scathing about U.S. policy on Iran, saying at one
point during a speech to Israeli Knesset (parliament) members, that he
was "disturbed," by it. "A nuclear device, in the hands of a madman
like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is simply unacceptable, and the world, not
just Israel, but the rest of the free world, must make it clear that
that cannot and will not happen, under any circumstances, at any time,"
he told Knesset members.

The former Republican presidential candidate said he agreed with Mr
Netyahu's avid warning: "This is 1938. And Iran is Germany."

Mr Huckabee was also critical of the Obama administration's priorities
in the Middle East, describing them as "misplaced."

"It pains me that I hear more concern from this administration of our
country, talking about the building of a baby's nursery in a
Jewish-owned community in Israel, than about the construction of a
nuclear bomb in Iran," he said. His remarks received a standing ovation
from the Israeli Knesset members.

The former two-time governor went on to speak about his warmth and
friendship towards Israel and the relationship that exists not just
between governments, but between Israel and the average American.

Interviewed by INN TV, he told the network he has a high opinion of
Israel and that he enjoys accompanying people to the country as he gets
the opportunity to witness at first hand how people are awakened to the
issues confronting Israel. Those on the tour, which was organized by
Ducar International (wholesale tour operators), are being charged
$4,000 per person for the 10 day trip.

Mr Huckabee also praised Israel for its technological advances,
particularly given that it occupied just "8,000 square miles on the
entire planet."

"I don't think anybody rationally can say 'well, they just have too
doggone much territory, they have too much land.' Too much of what?
They have to pump their water in every way possible and squeeze every
possible benefit of every drop, They essentially took over a desert,
they turned it green, they've fed themselves and fed half the world
from it, their technology is unbelievable, number two in patents
worldwide. If anything, the world should say 'thank you Israel' for
establishing not just a place of refuge but a place really that has
been an influence to the rest of the world."

"My hope and my prayer is that not only will you sense our gratitude
for your hospitality and for your candor in sharing with us the
perspective you have brought to us today, but I also would sincerely
want to express that it is our desire to go back to our home, not only
as good and faithful and loyal Americans, but also as voluntary
ambassadors for our friends in Israel, that we might always pray for
the peace of Jerusalem, that we might always work for the stability,
the safety, and the security of this land, and these people, our
friends, our family," Mr Huckabee told Knesset members. God bless you."

Replies made to the site

Huckabee to be voluntary ambassador for Israel
Huckabee makes so much sense; too bad the Administration doesn't listen
Huckabee for prez
I wish I would've known more about Huckabee the last election. I
definitely will vote for him in the next one. Obama is lame.
Friends of Israel must face reality and show real intergrity - even
when it is difficult. This is only verifiable when the Balfour is
restored and the culprits commited to a Nuremberg II Trial. The
Balfour's corruption was and remains both immoral and illegal,
perpetrated under extreme duress when the Jews were helpless following
W.W.II. And those who called this carving of 80% of a tiny land as a
2-state *COMPROMISE* really and truly deserve penalising, along with
all who remain silent of it. To again demand another state of what's
left - and again call this deathly 3-state as a 2-state, says a PC
Holocaust is underway at the UN. Israel is now occupying less than 12%
of the land allocated her in the Balfour [80% went to Jordan; 8% to the
west bank & Gaza] - and still facing the world's most outragious
villifications. In actual fact, only the ficticious states created by
Britian requires re-examination, with all the world's nations voting -
as was the case with Israel. Britain played the real Judas - for 30
barrels of oil.
Israel will prevail
My fellow humans .. let me clarify about the Jewish people ... They are
destined to win and prosper .... Hukabee's warm regards about Israel
are good and it can be a witness to tie core truth. I liked his way of
supporting the blessed Jewish people
I like Mike
Huckabee is a smart and pragmatic man unlike Obama and the fools around
him giving lousy advice.
Genesis 12 says plainly that God will bless those who bless the nation
of Israel. The reason America have seen a crash in our economy of late
is directly tied to the Gen. 12 covenant. Bush as a christian should
have known that, but instead he gave away Gaza. But my man Huck, now
he's a real christian. Huck 2012. God grant us grace until then!
Governor Huckabee:  Thank you for your wise and thoughtful words! You
speak on behalf of millions of Americans who also choose to be
voluntary ambassadors of Israel. America is tied irrevocably to Israel.
We must support the sovereignty and success of Israel in order for
ourselves to succeed.
Look what is in the middle of JerUSAlem!
GOD Bless You Governor Huckabee for being a sagacious and stalwart
champion of truth and freedom for all people. GOD Bless Israel and GOD
Bless the United States of America!


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