January 14, 2010

New on the Birther story~Breathtaking reporting by John Charlton on Obama birth certificate issue


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Folks,   This just keeps getting better and better !!!!


See new information about Obama / Soetoro / Dunham,  below…



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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 A.D.

His name is "Steve Dunham"!


by John Charlton

(Jan. 12, 2010) — An intrepid citizen-researcher has confirmed that the man who goes by the name "Barack Hussein Obama II," has an original vital record kept by the Hawaii Department of Health, which bears the name "Steve Dunham."

The citizen researcher began her quest, following two lines of research: 1) the fact that the name "Steve Dunham" appears in records associated with Obama's alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham; and 2) the fact that Obama himself is said to have quipped that his middle name was "Steve" (as some of his followers know cf. YYouhan's comment).

The Quip

The quip is recorded to have taken place during the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, on Oct. 16, 2009, and was reported by Real Clear Politics in the 4th video segment at their site, at the 1:37 mark..  The video at YouTube can be viewed through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkBQf4FJi-o&feature=player_embedded, or at 1:31 in another version of the video, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SkFjTCscM4 .  Here is the second version, look for it at 1:30 ff..

[Editor's note:  The previous video here was of the 3d segment from Real Clear Politics' report, and for that reason it sparked a number of comments, since it does not contain the quip at all.]

The quip was also transcribed and published by the Chicago Sun Times on Oct. 16, 2009, the key section of which reads:

It's shocking. That was a tough primary you had there, John. Anyway, anyway, that's who I really am. But in the spirit of full disclosure, there are a few October surprises you'll be finding out about in the coming weeks. First of all, my middle name is not what you think. It's actually Steve. That's right. Barack Steve Obama.

The Investigation

Based on this admission, the citizen-researcher requested from Janice Okubo, Communications Director for the Hawaiian Department of Health, the index data for all the Steve Dunham's in their registry, born on Aug. 4, 1961. The request was made on Oct. 29, 2009, and read as follows:

Aloha Ms. Okubo,

IAW Hawaii Revised Statute, paragraph 338-18( d), I am requesting all index data pertaining to the vital records of Steve Dunham, Steven Dunham, Stephen Dunham born on 8/4/61.     Please send me death, birth, divorce and marriage index and any other information you have on the index for this name.

This statute at para (d) provides officials no authority to withhold the requested information.  Therefore, I as an American citizen, am invoking Revised Statute, paragraph 338-18(d)  Disclosure of records, which reads as follows: (d)  Index data consisting of  name and sex of the registrant, type of vital event, and such other data as the director may authorize shall be made available to the public.  Please follow any other statutes of Hawaii that cover this information to be released.


The answer came from Okubo on Nov. 10, 2009 and was contained in an Acknowledgment to Requester form, which read thus:

This acknowledgment is provided in accordance with section 2-71-13, Hawaii Administrative Rules ("HAR"), because the following extenuating circumstance(s) exist::

X — Agency requires additional time to respond to the request in order to avoid an unreasonable interference with its other statutory duties and functions.

Like most requests for such information, since the end of September when the Department began releasing such — following the threat of a lawsuit from another citizen-researcher — Okubo responds rather quickly with a denial that the information requested is available (if it regards Obama) or an admission that it is, and a release thereof.

In this case, Okubo responded that she needed more time to respond! This response of Okubo contains an obvious evasion.  Because it takes less than 5 minutes to type "Steve Dunham" into their database and pull up the index data for such record.

The response that she needed more time indicates what kind of response she had decided to craft.

Guess how long it took her to respond to a 5 minute work assignment?

You guessed it; she responded yesterday, January 11th; but only after being prodded by another email from the same citizen-researcher. Or in other words, she did not want to respond at all, and was hoping the request would be forgotten.

Curious, and perhaps significant, is that between the time the request was made, and the initial "We don't have the time right now" response was issued by Okubo, Paul Tsukiyama, the Director of the Hawaii Office of Information Practices, who was advising Okubo on how to respond, resigned (Nov. 6, 2009). Could this be because he knew that this one request would burst the dam, and thus, he did not want to be involved in a cover-up?

The Response

Obviously if Obama was born with the name "Steve Dunham," he could not lawfully bear that name unless his original vital records were amended OR he submitted a change of name through the Hawaiian Courts.

As The Post & Email reported on Sunday, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, has denied any name change requests, made through the courts, exist.

Therefore, if there was a name change it had to be by an amendment of the original vital record.

Therefore, if such a name change was found, the vital record for Obama would technically no longer exist under the name Steve Dunham.

So Okubo, under this scenario, would have a legally perplexing problem to solve; if she denied the request for Index data, she could be accused of lying or violating the law; if she admitted a record for a "Steve Dunham" existed for that date, Obama would be exposed, and might retaliate against the Department through withholding funding; a possible threat, which is seemingly indicated by Attorney Joesting, in her letter to Okubo regarding the non-answer to my own UIPA request made at the end of September.

So what did she say in her response, yesterday?

In her official response received by email last night, Okubo denied that there is any index data for a vital record of a birth for a "Steve Dunham", a "Steven Dunham", or a "Stephen Dunham."  It took her 60 days to figure how to respond.  And that in itself, lets you the reader know, what she meant to say:  his name is "Steve Dunham"!

The Analysis

As for those who do not believe that this interpretation is correct, they must hold Obama was lying, in the above video, when he said his name was "Steve."  To doubters, therefore, I ask, "So was he lying when he said his name was "Barack Obama," or when he said his name was 'Steve' "?

It looks increasingly like no one was born with the name Barack Hussein Obama II.

I hold that he is not lying in either case, because I believe that the name change was filed by his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, after she returned from Kenya.  The name "Steve Dunham" was, in my estimation, the name of the child on the birth certificate in the Mombasa General Coast Hospital.

Here are my reasons for this latter assertion:

Being that Ann was in Mombassa (that's how it was spelled in 1961) without her husband, and being that Obama Sr., would have committed the crime of bigamy in Kenya, if he married a white woman as his second wife — since his first marriage was under tribal law for non-Christians, he could not marry multiple times except under tribal law, which excluded wives of European descent — Ann would have had to put her own surname down on the original Kenyan birth certificate.

This would also have enabled her to get Steve on her passport, as the child of an unwed mother; and also be able to get Steve U.S. Citizenship status at birth, on account of the U.S. Nationality laws at the time, which granted such, to children of U.S. Citizens, born out of wedlock, overseas to mothers who were at least 15 years of age.  Ann was 18.

While in Mombassa, she telephoned her mother Madelyn Dunham, who filed a birth at home record with the Hawaii Department of Health, listing the birth as taking place at her own home, with the name "Steve Dunham" on the filing.

Upon returning to Hawaii, however, Ann files an amendment to the original filing on the basis of the Hawaiian law which allowed amendments within the first 6 months.  Whether in her filing she claimed a birth at home, and therefore a birth in Hawaii, or a foreign birth, is not yet known.  In the latter case, then, there probably has been a second amendment made, this time by Obama, and sometime after 2004, when he stopped claiming to be Kenyan-born.

Under this scenario Okubo's response does not regard what appears on the original vital records, but what appears in the registry after the amendments were made.

And if Obama did make an amendment, as appears to be the case (cf. Nellie Esquire's, Red Flags Overlooked), then it must have been for something more substantial than the name of the attending doctor or hospital.  Therefore it was for either the parents names or the place of birth. But as The Post & Email has confirmed (researcher 1, researcher 2), the father's name and date of birth are corroborated from newspaper reports of the period.  Therefore it must mean that the original vital record,  had by Hawaii, shows a different place of birth, if Obama did not change the name of his mother on his vital records.

Accordingly, even Dr. Fukino's statement of July 27, 2009, that Obama was born in Hawaii might be based only on the records after all the amendments.

That Obama was born in Kenya, he himself admitted to in 1980. Numerous news agencies, including the Associated Press also seemingly confirmed this for years, without being corrected by Obama's campaigns.

In any event, Obama would not be a natural born citizen (according to the US Supreme Court), because his father was not a U.S. Citizen.  If he was born in Kenya, he also would not be a natural born citizen on account of not being born on U.S. soil.

In fact Obama admits that he is not a natural born citizen, as two separate witnesses testify (witness 1, witness 2), probably because in the course of his own studies in law, he has read up on the issue.  However, upon deciding to run for President, he conveniently forgot all about his inconvenient past.

Indirect corroborating evidence of a Kenyan birth is logically contained in his assertion of eligibility on the basis of a Hawaiian Birth. This is because, if the original records show a birth in Hawaii, there is no harm in disclosing them, since this would confirm Obama's claims. But he refuses to disclose them, even to the extent of having lawyers spend hundreds if not thousands of hours working to prevent disclosure.  Hence it must be that his claim to a Hawaiian birth will not be confirmed by such a disclosure. And thus, in all probability, his refusal to do so, is based on the knowledge of the fact that he was born in Kenya.

Finally, if all this is true, it means that none of the alleged Birth Certificates or Certifications of Live Birth, heretofore released, are authentic original vital records, they are all forgeries.

It also means that Stanley Ann Dunham might have used the multiple filings to obtain Social Security numbers and fake documents, for herself, later in life.  That might explain why Obama's SSN was seemingly issued in Connecticut, and belongs to a 118 year old — because his original record was used to obtain a SSN for a "Steve Dunham."


APPENDIX: Reading Okubo

First, to understand why Okubo's denial was in fact a confirmation you need to read the article by Nellie Esquire, "Read Flags Overlooked," which explains how the Hawaii Department of Health has run cover for Obama for quite some time, by means of evasive responses.

I suppose if I were a government official, I would answer a direct question with a direct answer.  However, according to many sources (in particular Attorney Leo Donora), Janice Okubo, Communications Director for the Hawaiian Department of Health, has a habit of misdirection when responding to a direct question.

Misdirection is the use of a mental reservation to mislead a questioner by means of a carefully crafted statement.

For example. last night, Janice Okubo responded evasively to another UIPA request.  That request read as follows:

Please send me digital and written confirmation that the Director of Health for the State of Hawai'i along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, has personally seen and verified that the Hawai'i State Department of Health has declared Barack Obama to be a Natural Born Citizen.  Since the director in her press release has stated that she has seen his records and that he is a Natural born citizen.  Please send me all the information she used to make this public announce to all the citizens of the United States and the World.  Please also send me the definition of the term natural born citizen as used by the State of Hawaii, the Hawaii Department of Health or any other governmental agencies in Hawaii.  I really need to know the definition of this term as used in Hawaii, as the Director of the DOH has used it in a public statement and was in the Newspapers.

Okubo's response is self-contradictory:

We do not have a record responsive to your request.  The UIPA does not require an agency to compile and create information to respond to a request.

It is self-contradictory, because the first sentence refers to 1 document; and the second to several.  What she is thus saying is that we don't have just one, we have many; but we are not going to give it to you, because we are going to claim that under the provision that exempts us from responding on the grounds that we would have to create compilations, we are not going to grant your request.

That is why, when Okubo denies, you have to read between the lines, because she does not always deny what you requested, even when she denies what she denies.

You see, the citizen asked for "all the information;" since that could reasonably be interpreted to be even information which is not yet in paper form or recorded on paper or readily available electronically (such as hand written memos, phone bills, computer logs), its disclosure would require work. And Okubo's office is not going to do that which would result in their own incrimination.

Often Okubo will deny under one section, even though another section requires the release.  You can read a case in point at this previous report from The Post & Email.

© 2010, The Post & Email. All rights reserved internationally, unless otherwise specified.


20 Responses for "His name is "Steve Dunham"!"

·  The Big Boo says:

tress interisland …Perhaps WND should revise the Bill Board Campaign to say, 'Where's the Birth Certificate — Steve?" Asking about his name needs to come up in a WH press conference.
While there are leads to Kenya….until absolutely proven…another possibility might be that Anne's mother filed the name (Steve Dunham) when the birth occurred in their home. Relatively soon afterwards, after Anne had gone to Washington State with the baby (and being out from under her parents), the name was changed. This would be in accord with both the social mores of the time and the independence and social interests of Anne as an 18 year old. Whatever the cause of the name change, this makes a further muddle of the history and documentation of this background investigation. Something is rotten is the State of Hawaii.

·  yo says:

What a great find.
I think I recall reading some time back that when someone applies to the bar for their law license, they have to state whether they have ever gone by any other names, and Obama said he had not.
They got Al Capone for tax fraud and I wonder if, at the very least, someone could go after Obama and see if he has lied about this to the bar and pursue it while everyone works on uncovering the rest of his machinations.
More than one name, filed and not accepted, etc. There is so much here it is almost unbelievable and yet the entire msn is not only not doing it's job, but also trying to squelch any effort to get to the truth.
We'll get to it, though.

·  From Barack to Barry to Steve Dunham (and not in that order) « Socialism is not the Answer says:

[...] See videos and rest of this interesting commentary at The Post and Email [...]

·  Jacqlyn Smith says:

What if anything can be done with this information??? Will the MSM continue to let this slide…..What about National Inquirer……they have broke the big stories on Tiger Woods and John Edwards……can we arm them with this information and see what they can uncover???

·  Solidarity says:

After reading that his name is Stephen Dunham, I did a search on the net for that name and came across this interesting comment on another site:
"An alias search for Stanley Ann at recordsarea.com shows the following information:
* Kelly A. Dunham, associate/relative of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI;
* Kelly A. Shippleck (Kelly A. Dunham), Phoenix, AZ [is this a third marriage or an alias for real estate/money laundering?].
* Sandra Dunham (Sandra Lee Dunham), OH, FL
* Susan N. Dunham, HI, CA. Ste (Stephen) Dunham, Honolulu, HI (Stanley Ann chooses another male name?)
* Stephen O. Dunham, Honolulu, HI
* Scott A. Dunham, (Stanley Ann chooses a second male name?), HI, WA, OR, TN, VA, IN."

With my new found knowledge of course the name Stephen O. Dunham stood out like a sore thumb….. I have noticed in past research that Anne & her family often play with their initials in order to confuse….I bet the "O" stands for Obama……STEPHEN OBAMA DUNHAM.

·  Durus says:

Is this a typo?
a "Seven Dunham"
In the response where she said no index data was found…
Also, how about other dates for the birth, does the denial only cover Aug. 4, 1961?
Mr. Charlton replies: Yep, thanks, got it…
As to your question about the denial: the DoH has computerized records of all original vital record indexes, which they use to find the actual documents; birth index, marriage index, death index. It's a matter simply of opening the pertinent software and entering a name. They never release birth dates, since that is considered private information, on account of it consequently releasing the actual age of the individual. Hence a denial of the existence of an Index record refers to the denial of the record being stored under that name; one infers normally that this means the record never existed; but that inference is not exact; it means merely that its not stored under that name.

·  Durus says:

But in the spirit of full disclosure, there are a few October surprises you'll be finding out about in the coming weeks. First of all, my middle name is not what you think. It's actually Steve. That's right. Barack Steve Obama. — Barack Hussein "Steve" Obama, Speech given at Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, 15 Oct 2008.
Text for speeches by McCain and Obama available at:
Mr. Charlton replies: Great find, Durus; I've added it to the article above. The Chicago Sun Times, of all sources…what do they know, that we don't know…??

·  horsehair says:

Mr. Charlton,
You once used an email exchange that I had with Ms. Okubo ("Filed" vs. "Accepted"), as the basis for an informative article. Therefore, you probably recognize who I am.
Presuming your interpretations are correct, then it is pretty clear that Dr. Fukino and Ms. Okubo are guilty of two major crimes: a.) Criminal Conspiracy, and b.) Misprision of a Felony.
Here is the Basis for the Charges:
1. When "Amendments" are made to Vital Records, this fact is noted at the bottom of COLBs – even the Short Form versions printed on their laser printer.
(If you need an example, please email me and I'll send you a picture.)

2. None of the COLB images presented by Stopthesmears.com, and Factcheck.org show any "Amendments". Thus, even if these began as genuine documents (questionable) — the Amendment(s) were DELETED — in order to mislead or trick the Public viewers. This makes all their displayed images "Forgeries" or "Counterfeits" of Official Documents.
3. With all the brouhaha that has occurred about those "images", there is little question that both Dr. Fukino and Ms. Okubo have undoubtedly viewed them.
(Ms. Okubo is actually on record as having made "statements" about what the Images show, and don't show.)

4. Dr. Fukino has publicly asserted that she has personally "viewed the Vital Records maintained on file" for Barack Obama II — and in responding to the hundreds of questions posed by UIPA inquiries, there is little question that Ms. Okubo is also intimately familiar with what is on file. Therefore, they both know that valid COLBs images should also carry the "Amendment(s)" advisory printed thereon.
5. When Obama's supporters posted "altered" public documents on the internet
— not only to trick the public into believing that he was a US Citizen (but not necessarily "Natural Born") and was thus qualified to run, but also to SOLICIT MONEY — they committed Interstate Wire Fraud. (Many people receive internet via cable.)

6. If Dr. Fukino and Ms. Okubo have not reported these Federal Crimes to proper legal authorities already, then they would be guilty of Misprision of a Felony (Wire Fraud, also Forgery of Official Documents).
7. If they have discussed among themselves how to keep the "public in the dark", then they become Accessories to the Crimes themselves. Here, Criminal Conspiracy enters the picture. An aggressive Federal Prosecutor would also explore R.I.C.O. charges — against both HIDoH and Obama's Election Team because of a "Continuing Pattern of Events". This was NOT a one time event.
Mr. Charlton, based on your assemblage of facts, one other point is clarified. If the multiple Amendments took place, as per your scenario, then I can fully understand how HIDoH might have become suspicious about the "actual" events surrounding Obama's alleged birth in Hawaii. This would explain why his alleged COLBs were classified as merely "Filed with Registrar", instead of "Accepted by State Registrar". Many clouds are starting to be lifted.
Mr. Charlton replies: As I speculated many weeks ago:
I believe the only motive for Fukino and Okubo's reticence and evasiveness is that they believe someone could be charged with a crime. Perhaps, in not attending to the fact that in releasing the online COLB image, they both became immediately liable in law to discount it as a forgery, or a clever ruse; and that their silence, motivated by a desire to avoid trouble, has involved them in the crimes you detail.
I know for a fact that they are reading The Post & Email from an informant I have in Hawaii. So let's see if you comment sparks fuller disclosure, just as the Red Flags article on Sunday has in this case of the Steve Dunham records.

·  Helen says:

It IS in the 2nd part of the YouTube roast video….He says his real middle name is Steve @ about 1:30 into the video


[...] OF BARACK OBAMA Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:50:15 PM · by rxsid · 50 replies · 1,500+ views thepostemail ^ | 1/12/2010 | John Charlton "UIPA REQUEST CONFIRMS QUIP, EXPLAINS MULTIPLE ORIGINAL VITAL [...]

·  Kathy says:

It's here at 1.37.

·  Kathy says:

John, It's in this video @ 18.48. He says his middle name is Steve. I just watched this, now the link does not work. Smells fishy to me.
From Google:
McCain and Obama Palling Around? Must Be the Al Smith Dinner – The …
Oct 16, 2008 … With a pair of rivals taking time away from the fray to swap jokes, it could only be the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New …
thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/…/mccain-and-obama-palling-around-must-be-the-al-smith-dinner/ -

·  Kathy says:

John, I remember hearing this speech and he did say Steve. Was the video tampered with? I saw MSNBC at the beginning.
Mr. Charlton replies: As I cannot view videos, through my internet connection, I have relied on what others are saying about this video.
Since 4 commentators have viewed it and said that no where does this quip occur in that segment, I have pulled it from the article.
However, the segment may not be complete. Those who say this quip did occur, do all indicate that it occurred during such a public meeting, and some identify it with this dinner. I'll leave the question to be resolved by those who can view videos.

·  LisaGinNZ says:

This is interesting (the plot thickens)… but now what? What will or what can you or the finder do with this information?
Do we all have a chat … or does information go to a constitutional lawyer to now file a quo warranto? Have you informed Taitz or Apuzzo?

·  drkate says:

I think Anne Dunham was 3 months short of meeting the age requirements to pass citizenship on to her child, per requirements for citizenship of children of unmarried women born outside the USA at that time. I'm just guessing that grandma knew about this, and actually submitted BC records for December 4 1961 (ann was born at the end of November), maybe steve dunham, maybe obama?
Mr. Charlton replies: I do not have the Nationality Act in front of me, but I believe you are mistaken: it required in the case of births to unwed mothers, outside the USA, that the girl be at least 15 years old, only; which Ann was.
  • GORDO says:

From the U.S. Department of State site:

"Acquisition of U.S. Citizenship By a Child Born Abroad"



Mr. Charlton replies: Gordo, that's the current law; not the one in effect in 1961.

    • GORDO says:

This might be helpful:

"Citizenship Rules for People Born Outside the United States

The rules determining when such children are citizens are extremely detailed, and vary a great deal depending on when the child was born since the laws changed several times in the 20th century."

(see link for details)


  • Solidarity says:

Mr. Charlton replies: I do not have the Nationality Act in front of me, but I believe you are mistaken: it required in the case of births to unwed mothers, outside the USA, that the girl be at least 15 years old, only; which Ann was.

—-regarding the above comment…..note that Anne Dunham may have attempted to mis-represent herself as a single mother in order to register the birth of her son as an American citizen but the reality is that she was actually married to Obama Sr. There is a divorce decree, which is sufficient proof that they were LEGALLY married….so it does not matter how she attempted to portray herself, the reality is that she was NOT a single mother….and therefore was NOT old enough to transfer her nationality.


Mr. Charlton: According to both UK and HI law, her marriage was a bigamous one, therefore invalid; in such a case, of after the fact determinations; does not the Department of State have the duty to adjudicate whether she would be judged to be single or not?

Either way, Obama Junior is not a natural born citizen; but there is no way her marriage could be considered legally valid, because it was bigamous, and the laws of the time of both nations did not recognize such marriage as anything more than legal fictions.

·  throwshoesatobama says:

I apologize for posting again and you can kick me out if you want John. But could it be under 'Steven'? I know this would be splitting hairs but I would put nothing past the HI DOH.
Mr. Charlton replies: In intrepid researcher's actual request was for "Steve Dunham", "Steven Dunham", and "Stephen Dunham." So to answer your question, no. I did not mention this detail in the article, but I should have…

·  throwshoesatobama says:

So is this why 'filed by registrar' is on his COLB? Or does this prove his COLB is a fraud? Has anyone tried to get records from Kenya or Great Britain? This whole deal is crazy!!

For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and provide for it.  ~  ~ ~ Patrick Henry



  1. Re: "f the original records show a birth in Hawaii, there is no harm in disclosing them, since this would confirm Obama's claims. But he refuses to disclose them..."

    He has not refused to show the original. It is HAWAII (under a Republican governor) which refuses to show the original.

    Obama can only show what he has, which is the certification of live birth. That is perfectly legal, and it is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by the US State Department, and the officials in Hawaii have twice confirmed that the original says that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Still, Hawaii refuses to release the original because, it says, that it does not release the original for anyone. The fact that Hawaii, under a Republican governor, does not release the original, does not mean that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

    The idea the idea that he was born in Kenya is simply crazy. Anyone born in Kenya would need a US travel document (such as a visa on a foreign passport or adding him to the US passport of his mother while they were in Kenya) to get to America, and that would be in the records and found--if it existed.

    The National Review said this about the Kenya myth: "The theory that Obama was born in Kenya, that he was smuggled into the U.S., and that his parents somehow hoodwinked Hawaiian authorities into falsely certifying his birth in Oahu, is crazy stuff." (http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ZmJhMzlmZWFhOTQ3YjUxMDE2YWY4ZDMzZjZlYTVmZmU=&w=MA)

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