January 21, 2010

MI Senatepresents Real Leadership for Real Problems | But still no tax structure change to MiFairTax

The steps taken by the MI Senate are necessary, tough and will hurt.  But it will be worse the coming year if we don't change our State's tax structure. 
The Democrat propose for structural change are harmful and will not go far enough to bring back jobs.  We need the http://MiFairTax.org on the fall ballot so we the people can decide which plan to use. 
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January 21, 2010



Dear Friends,


Unless circumstances change, the outlook for Michigan's future is grim. Just review some recent facts on Michigan's current economic status. Unemployment jumped 5.6 percent from 2008 to 2009, the largest one-year jump on record and currently stands at 14.6 percent. The state faces a $1.8 billion budget deficit. Michigan is the second worst state on the economic stress index.
In order to Fix Michigan, we must reform. Our GOP leaders in Lansing understand that and this week laid out of reform package that could yield a potential savings of $2 billion.
Democrat leadership has consistently passed on reforms, Most recently, they used temporary, federal stimulus dollars to plug the gap. Because of their unwillingness to provide the necessary structural reform the budget crisis continues.
The coming negotiations promise to be brutal, as Republicans try to get a tough budget passed through a hostile House and governor, while the Democrats attempt to use delay tactics in order to pass the buck on to whomever takes over after November's elections. Though the deck is stacked against them, Michigan Republicans have taken an early stand.
The GOP Senate reform package cuts government spending by reforming some practices and cutting other wasteful ones. All of this will prevent Michigan residents from having to endure yet another tax increase. Six areas are covered in the GOP plan and include reforms in:
·         Public employee health care;
·         Local police and fire;
·         K-12 school spending;
·         Medicaid spending;
·         Government efficiency; and
·         Public employee compensation.

These reforms are serious and meaningful changes to the way this state conducts business. We have not seen results under the current Democratic leadership. Changes must be made and they must start today, not next year or the year after that. This reform package is a bold step in the right direction— Republican legislators are taking responsibility and making the tough calls when needed. They know that no empty words will make things better, only real leadership will Fix Michigan.
Win in '10


Ron Weiser, Chairman 


P.S. I'm so excited about our opportunities for victory this year.  Please pass this along to your friends adn family so they can see how Republicans are working to Fix Michigan and so they can join the fight. 



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Real Change Begins


Don't miss the latest MRP TV video "Real Change Begins" that looks at the Obama Administration's first year. You may view the video here. Be sure to share it with you friends. Help spread our message of real reform and real change in Michigan.

Michigan Efforts Pay Off In Massachusetts

I'm proud to say that Michigan did our part to help secure the historic win for Senator Brown in Massachusetts. A number of our field staff spent a week in the Bay State, knocking on doors and working in phone banks to turn out the vote for Brown. In addition, more than 50 volunteers from Macomb County jumped on some busses and made their way out last week. Those who couldn't go east made more than 2,000 phone calls over the weekend. A very special thank you goes out to Macomb County Chairman Jared Maynard and 12th District Chair Janice Nearon for their efforts to motivate Macomb County volunteers. 





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