January 21, 2010

Detroit News-As Massachusetts voters speak, Lansing leaders should listen |Politic Greed or Insanity?

My comment:
True enough the Michigan Legislature is wimps to running this Country.  If they had any Statesmanship, they would be standing up to the lobbyists and passing FairTax onto the ballot and letting we the people choose aye or nay, on the fix of Jobs.
The cure to the union issue and politics, the reason for all the flack, is to mandate no donations may be made by any entity but the registered voter.  That will end union dues going to politicians.
The imbalance of logic and perpetuity in the Michigan Legislature and the Governor is the placing of Party over Michigan as what is important.  Legislatures need to be Statesman, not hacks for the GOP & Dems. 
The Liberal Business group plan to put tax on the poor through sales tax on services without the FairTAx prebate is at the very least monstrous and a typical mindset of feed the aristocrat by taking the remaining crumbles from the downtrodden. 
Why is the lack of jobs being further stimulated without any conceptual understanding?  Why is it that the so called leaders who have not publicly acknowledged the reason for our State and Nation's demise is all about taxes?  Why indeed, certainly not a generation of leaders anywhere close tot he character and fortitude of our Founding Fathers, kind of a sad reflection of our educational system today, which belongs to the local powers, we the people, vouchers please.
Eliminate all non-essential State services by a temporary suspension until we get back on our feet.  Get back on our feet by learning and adopting the MiFairTAx and the national FairTax plans to infuse more jobs then employees, reform the State Healthcare system by enacting HSA/IRA Plan and get out of the way of the private enterprise.  Allow prosperity to happen.  Carbon is our friend, not the tool of those who wish for a World Governance of Communism.  If companies want to build powerplants, why would our Government want to stop it?  Insanity~

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