January 24, 2010

Illinois U.S. Senate race is needing primary Collating of Patriot Conservatives #ilsen

Be sure to read comment after Erick's Blogg:

Is it really 'fringe'? And is the game coming on for Pat Hughes?

Pat Brady, the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, says the anti-Mark Kirk element within the GOP is 'fringe.'
That's actually not quite true and is precisely why so many conservatives in Illinois don't like Brady or Kirk — they feel repeated disrespected and treated as fringe.
In fact, considering how active the Illinois Tea Party movement is in opposing Kirk, Brady is, in effect, calling all of those activists fringe. He might want to be careful.
Conservatives across the country are seriously considering a last minute air-drop of support into Illinois for Pat Hughes. The thinking goes that the last minute effort to help Scott Brown put him over the finish line and the same could be done in these last eleven days before the Illinois GOP primary.
If conservatives come out early next week in an organized fashion, throw a pile of targeted money into Illinois, and rapidly drive up Pat Hughes' name identification, the polling in Illinois suggests Hughes will win....full article here

my comment:

We need a poll of the Illinois Primary ASAP.

If Lowry is anywhere close to being in this race, call upon our National Leaders to make an historic event.  Many are thinking it is money that is driving the Revolution, but it is not TV, it is the many on e-mail, on hyperspace that spread truth faster then a Warbler. 

If Hughes has the full momentum, call upon the Patriots to send forth the greater strength Candidate for the Quest.  We are trailblazing in this and are starting with races in our face.  Let us find unity in our growing pains and exemplify our Quest of winning this civil war with the Nationalists of the GOP.

Being as the Winner of the Year by the Paul Weyrich Group, let we Patriot Conservatives bring our focus timeline issues through Erick. 

Is there any polls out there on Illinois?

The Tea Party Nation came out for Hughes, and has since resolved by considering the true conservative Judge Lowrey. Here is the announcement e-mail by Independence Caucus who vetter the Judge and endorsed him on 1/10/10:
The number of endorsements by Pariot groups is large for the Judge. But again, the polls will tell us where to place our hyperforce. I hold the Judge as a surprise, and Hughes as we'll see. Now we are down to eight days. We need a poll.
Petition of the Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., that, to wit: Be it known henceforth, "the Value of the Elected Representative of the United States of America, who has taken the Constitutional Oath of Office, shall be of the authority to challenge any Law to which is deemed Unconstitutional." Let FREEDOM Reign!!!


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