January 24, 2010

HB 5319 would strip private water rights from MI Property owners

Every resident of the state of Michigan who wants to keep their water rights the same needs to know about House Bill 5319 introduced by Representative Dan Scripts from Leland Michigan. HB 5319 would strip private water rights from all current and future Michigan property owners without compensation and place them in the "public trust". Politicians in Lansing would like everyone with property rights, rivers, lakes, ponds and water wells to believe HB 5319 is necessary to protect Michigan waters. Nothing could be further from the truth!  I am convinced that the private use of groundwater is being considered as a new revenue source for state and local government.
As a registered water well driller, I can assure you that Michigan has some of the most stringent water protection laws, regulations and local ordinances in the nation. Our family owned company has proudly spent three generations providing safe drinking water to homeowners and businesses. This also includes potable water wells for local government and the state of . We always properly grout new wells that we drill and plug old abandoned wells under strict standards to protect groundwater from contamination.  All water well contracting firms are trained in proper procedures according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality health code before they become registered Drilling Contractors. This health code was designed to protect human health and the private property rights in a land owner's water resource. A land owner's right to the reasonable use of water from their own property has historically received the highest protection by state law and the courts.
Representative Scripts is attempting to quietly, and without landowner compensation, strip away these important property rights and place them in the "public trust". This is despite the recent important protections passed by the Legislature to limit the export of water and regulation of large quantity water withdrawals from all sources. This was part of the Great Lakes Compact that was recently enacted for the whole .
Most of our customers are glad they have control over their own water system and water resources. They are also assured that barring any mechanical failures, they will not receive a water bill each month. The right to develop and reasonably use water is critical to growth and commerce throughout Michigan. I urge all water well owners and those that may have reason to believe they may rely on groundwater in the future to read HB 5319 and understand the dangerous threat it presents to current and future homeowners.
If you agree, then please contact your state Senator and Representative to oppose HB 5319. If you decide to do nothing and this bill passes, I believe it will only be a short time until you will be required to install a meter on your well and be billed to use the water that was once your own.

Robert Webb II

R Webb & Son Well Drilling


my comment:

What is with government these days?  We have miles of reams of laws, most of which protect us from government, but of late, it is government taking liberty and freedom at will.  Maybe we can blame it on no fault insurance.  Since no one is at fault, no one is without fault.  Therefore the Government must be our nanny and to do that, which can never be afforded according to history, they must tax everything.  Sick is a word to use.  

Demand when you call to end this continuing nightmare of a bill, to put mifairtax on the ballot so we can vote one it, thus bringing employment back to Michigan.  http://mifairtax.org

Constitutional conduct by Govt and FairTax please,



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