December 18, 2009

Stand up to the shadow. Call your Senator to Audit the Federal Reserve

Don't cave to the Shadow's dominance, but keep pushing.  With the House calling for the Audit of the Federal Reserve, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Push your Senator to support Auditing the Fed.
As to Foreign policy, we cannot have none.  That would be the same as the rise of Hitler being ignored by so many Nations until it was almost too late.  Many think ill of stopping Iraq, but it was a menace fourth largest military in the world.
We the people are very aware of what happens when power is allowed to go unchecked.  Look at DC and how they have nearly destroyed our Constitution and for what, they know best?  2010 is our Waterloo.  We must put in office candidates who will bring us back to the Constitution and Peter Schiff is one.  Don't throw the baby out because of the little dirt.
We must stand united on the Constitution and work out the finer details down the road, after we secure back our Constitution and State Sovereignty.

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