December 18, 2009

Newt Gingrich: Impeach judges-Crush & Replace the Left-2012 "Victory or Death!"

In December, 2009, Newt gives a great oration on how We must defend our freedom over the next three years, the Alexander Hamilton of our time.
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  1. I'm pleased to get acquainted with you, George. I see that your heart is in the right place, with the rest of the patriots!

  2. Hi, AD. I seen you on twitter.

    Been after this return to the Constitution for many years. Remember about 30 years ago asking a MI State Rep. what he thought of Michigan losing it's sovereignty to the Federal Government. He said that the thought of State Sovereignty is new to him. No one ever mentioned it. Now we are to the point of which if States don't start demanding their powers back, it will end the Constitution.

    Only one other method is the vote in 2010, if we can take back the GOP to the Constitution.

  3. Forget Newt and remember he backed Scozafava in NY

  4. Charlie Max, Newt is a nationalist, a conservative one , but still a Naitonalist. He has the opinion that we can use just parts of the Consitutiton and be OK.

    Yet when someone has a position tha tis correct, you must embrace it. His statements here point clearly to truth needed uncovered or stood up in the light. Newt is not a threat for president. He supported cap & trade before he was against it. He is probally one who will support NWO.

  5. The Great Awakening has arrived.


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