December 11, 2009

Independence Caucus~Citizen's movement to take back government thru vetting test

This Caucus is not for a party but for candidates who are Constitutional in attitude and who will vote as the Constitution fundamentally empowers.  Share this with your teaparty and conservative friends.  Let this be the site to send your future candidates to to see if they are for the Constitution.



Independence Caucus

A Citizen's movement to take back government from "Big Money" Interests groups

We at Independence Caucus are committed to removing compromised incumbents from office and replacing them with good men and women who commit to Fiscal Responsibility through Adherence to Constitutional Authority.

We successfully helped to defeat a 6 term compromised incumbent in 2008, and replaced him with Jason Chaffetz, who Neil Cavuto has checked out and verified that he is a man of his word: and

We are now committed to showing people all over the country how we did it so you can do the same thing in your neck of the woods.

PLEASE NOTE that we are not a 3rd party movement. We have learned how to work as a CAUCUS within the major parties to return control of the party to "We the People"

Our principles are spelled out in the videos at

Take time to watch them. We encourage active participation on our board from those who have taken the time to watch the videos and who agree with our principles and our goals...

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