November 12, 2009

Trade Wrongly Blamed for Unemployment-Globalization is|Time to pull in the Reigns

When President Reagan provided free trade, we had under a closed border policy set up our tax structure by the most logical way, through the production, management.  Now with open borders American Products are handicapped by 23<% National Tax.  How can we continue to survive on service jobs?  If you don't create, you lose, what did you say one job of production affects 30 others?  Imagine the jobs selling American products if the tax is of equity. 
My thoughts as this happened in the 80's and 90's, was that the Planetary architects were drawing down on the huge vastness of American Enterprise to feed to growth of Capitalism around the World, thus making for our currency becoming the World Currency by default. 
We are near the end of the road that this crippling production tax effect on our National economy, once the envy of the World.  It can be again if we but return to our roots, truth and honesty achieved by obeying Law fundamentally and amending when appropriate. please, for trade is to blame for the most part.  We have been being globalized since at least the Free Trade Policy began.  Time to pull in the reigns.
R. George Dunn

Trade Wrongly Blamed for Unemployment

November 10, 2009 · Leave a Comment

Import competition can throw Americans out of work. Even advocates of free trade like me will readily acknowledge that fact. And nobody needs to remind the people of Hickory, North Carolina.

On the front page of the Washington Post this morning, under the headline, "In N.C., damage not easily mended: Globalization drives unemployment to 15% in one corner of state," the paper reports in detail how the people of that community are struggling to adjust to a more open U.S. economy:

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