November 12, 2009

Chairman Steele comment on Rep. Stupak is called out

Mister Steele, you have revealed a truth of yourself and I call you out on it.  Your comments about Stupak reveal how you are given over to the Health Care Bill becoming Law and that your main concern is whether it contains pro-life or not.  Fact is, the entity which wants this health Care made nationalized also want to tax our carbon, the essence of life. Do you actual think that         such a governmental character as this will be concerned about the abortion Law? 
Big Government comes from both parties and we have seen it very clearly of late.  You either blister me on this or get out of the Chair.  Your liberal roots are showing.  Only as the Constitution mapped out our Republic will we stay the course.  Look where ignoring the Law is getting us?
ON NY23, why haven't we heard how that position is still not filled and the vote made on HC as being possibly ineffective, especially with the difference being able to be influenced by this one NY23 vote.  Why haven't we heard for cries to call up the HC Bill for another vote?  How can a candidate be sworn in when they are not yet State Certified?  Whose side you on? 
 Come on over all the way Michael.  Is it Nationalism or is it Federalism?  If the GOP does not accept Federalism as nonnegotiable, tyranny wins.
R. George Dunn
Here is the news of your words:
(Michigan Radio) - The head of the national Republican Party is on a two day tour through Michigan. He's on the west side of the state today and tomorrow he'll be at an event in Macomb....


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