November 11, 2009

Pete Hoekstra draws attention on terrorism & here is why it's good

Editorial Blog: Barb Arrigo

Posted November 11, 2009 - 8:47 p.m.

Pete Hoekstra draws attention

In case you're wondering what one of our gubernatorial candidates has been up to lately, here's an update from the Washington Monthly blog.

That House Republicans made him the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee is embarrassing. That Hoekstra intends to be the chief executive of a state is almost comical...
my comment:
On the question of Pete Hoekstra being Governor of Michigan, he is one worthy of such a position.  His mission when going to Washington was to end the unconstitutional spending of Federal dollars on an unconstitutional power, the funding of education.  Pete ran right into President Bush's chumming up with Ted Kennedy for Big Gov spending, funding Education Federally.  Have not decided who to pick from the GOP ranks yet, but if one pops up supporting the FairTax Plan, they have gotten my attention.
As to the gallantry of Congressman Hoekstra on doing his duty as the Intelligence Chairman for the Minority in the Senate, protecting the American people is the main concern.  The threat of Muslim extremists are world wide, to include the USA.  If our Government is going to ignore the warning signs of extremism, be it far left or far right, we need to know.  Why?  We have the right to defend and if we are led to believe we are, when we are not protected by our Government, then all hell will break loose. 
What does need to guarded for is a propaganda campaign that will cover a rising force of extremism and no provisions established to counter it.  Heads in the sand gives you darkness.  Thank you Pete for bringing attention to our need to better care for our safety within the Homeland Security now managed by a Muslim who used to be Deputy Mayor of L.A..
R. George Dunn

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