November 11, 2009

Manditory Health Care, Federal or State controlled?

This Health Care debating has brought to some light, though not enough, that of the 46 million without Health Insurance, the majority are young and not in need of health care more then other budget items in their family cashflow.  The argument is that when the young get older, they will jump into a plan or abuse the everyone is treated at the emergency room blessing. 
Thus the Democrats at the Federal level think it wise to create a system to bring these youngsters on line by making a mandatory tax to bring down the premium cost of the elderly.  This thought has merit, for having someone cover your needs rather then doing your part is not what made this Country great.  The Bible calls freeloaders imbeciles.  Change the tax structure to FairTax to create jobs so people can afford insurance.
The mandatory demand of everyone to pay a healthcare premium is not Constitutional at the federal level, but it is in most of the States at their option.  While thinking about it, why not set up mandatory, by State power, HSA's which would eventually replace Social Security and Medicare by increasing the savings of individuals at a local community bank, thus expanding the cashflow for communities and removing it from the thieves in Washington and the State Capitals.
As to the Health Care Bill in 2009, it will end worse then social security and will make our economic system grind to a halt making us like the Soviet Empire prior to their collapse.  Even Putan warned us of our heading for socialism as did most of Europe who is trying to figure a way out from under the oppression of socialism.  Once you submit to socialism in Healthcare, the return to Freedom will be near impossible, not without what Thomas Jefferson said of Liberty.
R. George Dunn
FairTax Please

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