November 02, 2009

Ostrich Flu-You must be informed!

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From: Stan Pennington <>
Subject: Ostrich Flu-You must be informed!
Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 7:52 AM

A message from-- Stan Pennington --- Patriots for Christ

Warning: Ostrich flu is rampent in U.S.

This message is being sent to you so that you may avoid being infected with this possible fatal desease.

 Just the facts: There are some issues that are becoming clearer everyday, and most people chose to ignore them because they just don,t want to face reality. They chose to continue there everyday life as if nothing could be a problem for them. They suffer from Ostrich Flu and if untreated it could be fatal.

Please let me explain.  JUST THE FACTS!

   The United states of America may be about to enter into a crisis like we have never known, If we as Americans continue to allow Our Governmental leaders to sell the future of our country and it's assets to outside purchasers.

Here's the challenge; Don't believe anything I am about to tell you, check it out for yourself! Take a little time and see if any of this is real or just a bunch of useless information, or just ignore it.   This is just my opinion.

Today, 9/15/08 Wallstreet announced that Bank of America was going to buy Merrill Lynch & Co.

Please click on the following links and view this news release, after you have read all of this page.

Who Owns bank America? Would you think AMERICANS? Well check the next link out.

   Bank of America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1.   Banc of America Securities LLC is based in New York City, with ... Bank, Family Wealth Advisors, Columbia Management Group, and Banc of America Specialist. ... - 155k - Cached

Now here Is what you need to know, If you have made it this far. America is and has been being bought piece by piece by investors outside the country. This outside ownership does pose a threat to America being owned by Americans. But the real threat is WHO REALLY is IN CHARGE of our country? Let me just say that the person who controls the nations wealth, controls the nation as a whole. We as a nation will be subject to those, whom we are indebted.

Here's the meat of this information: HSBC is the world bank , they have controlling interest in almost every bank, in almost every country in the world and they are now using that combined power of wealth to gain control of the financial foundations of America and other countries. They have used there wealth to influence our leaders to cooperate with them to the point that we are facing a financial collapse of the American dollar. And they are poised to take over when that happens.

   They are the PAC-MAN of the world financial systems and they are heading for the home stretch.

Just a little history FYI.

 HSBC Stands for:  Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation  (View links below for a history of this bank.) But you may be surprised to know that their headquarters is in London England. Why would their headquarters be there? Because that is where the real money is going, and where the real investors or financial leaders are.

   Americans fought the rich monarchy of England and Europe to gain our independence as a nation and now they want it back. They have continued to invest in other countries and have never given up their struggle FOR the possession of America. It has just been a more subtle way of acquisition.

   By owning the financial institutions that control or possess the debts of America and its corporations you control the policies of these institutions. You can then use these policies to alter of manipulate things in your favor. Like forcing someone into foreclosure by expanding interest rates or debts and lowering the ability to pay at the same time.


   Here are just some things to think about.

What if, tomorrow when you woke up, the money you had in the bank had NO VALUE?

What would you do?

   What if, the place of your employment had a closed sign on it, and no one was available to tell you why?

   What if, the gas stations were all closed as well as the grocery stores?

  How would you survive? Would you consider that a crisis or a problem?

  How willing at that point would you be to accept a currency being offered by a world bank, and how willing would you be to accept their terms.

   The collapse of the American dollar could usher this in quicker then you think.

What is the answer? I don't have it. But maybe if we find a cure for OSTRICH FLU, that might be a start.

   Furthermore, I do have faith in the American people and I do have faith in God. I believe that it is time to face the reality of what is happening in this country and I believe that we must repent of our greed and our sins as a nation. We must give reverence to the God whom has allowed us to have the freedoms which we now take for granted. It will only be by His grace that we will be able to withstand the things that we may soon have to face. AND WE MUST BE INFORMED!



I suggest you read;  Deuteronomy chapters 26 thru 28

Other Links:: Why Is the Dollar Losing Value? 9/21/07

The Canadian dollar has reached parity with the U.S. dollar for the first time since 1976. - 53k

1.    About HSBC

Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial ... HSBC's international network comprises around 9,500 offices in 85 countries and ... - Cached

1.  Congtrtulations!   If you have read the information and checked all the links, you do not suffer from:  Ostrich Flu



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