November 08, 2009

Official FairTax Petition of Congress/President to enact our Economy

If you have not signed this petition, copied below, to demand Congress act on bringing the FairTax tax structure to fruition, please go to this link:


If you want to know more about the plan that will bring a flush of jobs back to the USA, go to the:

 FairTax Org. website  

R. George Dunn


Official FairTax Petition



Whereas millions of Americans cannot pay their bills and our economy is suffering a recession the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression:

The FairTax ensures that American workers will see a huge boost in their take-home pay as all federal withholding and payroll taxes are eliminated—enough to pay household bills and invest in their families future thereby addressing the underlying cause of this economic meltdown, not just the symptoms.

Whereas Washington is financing its spending programs with trillions in debt:

The FairTax eliminates capital gains and corporate taxes making the US the most favorable business environment in the world. That means new jobs right here in America, higher wages and a stock market that goes up instead of down—without massive borrowing.

Whereas the poor and middle-class continue to struggle to make ends meet:

The FairTax removes federal taxes on the poor and the middle-class sees dramatic reductions in tax burdens under the FairTax. The "Made in America" label roars back with needed jobs and better wages and benefits.

Whereas tax lobbyists peddle their enormous influence in Congress and exert undue influence over the income tax code's 67,500+ pages of regulations, for which Americans spend $350 billion annually in tax preparation costs:

The FairTax is simple, transparent and fair. The tax base is expanded, special favors for tax lobbyists end and April 15th becomes just another spring day.

Be it therefore resolved that the FairTax deserves support by of Congress and the President to create a tax system that provides real and permanent economic stimulus effects that our nation, our citizens and children need and deserve.

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