November 08, 2009

FairTax Activities in New Jersey

Great news!  Especially love the affirmation:  The FairTax proposal represents the "solution" for the Tea Party movement.

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This ones for you, George!!!!... from this Jersey girl...Ellen...hope it makes your day!

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Hi Fellow FairTax Supporters.

I am contacting you because, during the past year, you signed a petition supporting the FairTax Movement in Congress-per H-25 and S-296.

Support for the FairTax in New Jersey is growing as can be seen when I tell you that there are 13 Congressional Districts in New Jersey and the FairTax organization has a District Director in 12 of these 13 districts.

During the past year we have been active in many areas.
1) In April we gave out FairTax literature at manyPostoffice on April 14th and 15th-Dreaded Tax Day.
2) The FairTax organization has attended a number of Street Fairs around the state, at which we have given out information and talked to many people about the FairTax Program.
3) We have held Seminars, after the Street fairs to enable interested people to learn about the FairTax program in greater detail.
4) When ever a congressman hold a town hall meeting, the FairTax organization is represented and we ask basic questions of the congressman.
5) You may have heard of The Tea Party Movement. We have had speakers make presentations at at least 4 of theses meetings. It turns out that The FairTax proposal represents the "solution" for the Tea Party movement.

We have plans to continue our efforts in the coming year and would love to have your support.Please let me know, by email or phone, if you would be willing to become involved at whatever level of activity you would be comfortable with.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards and let's eliminate the Income Tax.


John Burchill
FairTax District Director. NJ Congressional District #7.



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  1. Keep up the good work. I was born and raised in Manville N.J., and went to Montclair State. I moved to Florida in 1980, no state income tax. I currently live in Tennessee, no state income tax.
    The FairTax started as a better way to pay our taxes. It is now the only salvation for our Republic.

    Tom kropewnicki


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