November 05, 2009

MI FairTax Appoints Executive Director


Congratulations, MFTA!!!  We have appointed an Executive Director to take us to enactment of the MI FairTax.  Her name is Dawn Dayton, and she has the experience and knowledge to help us make it happen.
It is unusual that we can be thankful for our poor economy, but in this case we are.  Michigan's poor economy has resulted in our being able to choose from among top-qualified candidates who, likely, would not have been available to us had the MI FairTax had been enacted a year or two ago.  (Logic: Had the MI FairTax already been adopted our economy would now be going "full tilt" and all well-qualified people would have been very much in demand, and not available to us.) 
Our Executive Director, Ms. Dawn Dayton, has had just the fundraising and non-profit leadership experience we need.  A recruiting / selection committee, composed of Barry Cargill, Linda Jolicoeur, John Crawford and Sharon Miller (a former 4th District MI FairTax DD who owns a professional recruitment company), narrowed the candidates down to a very few.  The Board of Directors then had the difficult task of choosing the best of all well-qualified individuals.  We are privileged to have Dawn accept our offer . . . to earn her own way and to fund the MI FairTax at the same time. 
What follows is a press release that will be issued today:

CONTACT: Roger Buchholtz (269) 345-0950
NOVEMBER 5, 2009

The Michigan Fair Tax Association (MFTA) today announced that Dawn Dayton has been selected as MFTA's first-ever Executive Director. Previously, MFTA was staffed solely by volunteers from its 30,000 members. Dawn comes to MFTA with extensive experience managing and growing non-profit organizations, such as the American Society of Employers, the Michigan Small Business Development Centers , and the Arthritis Foundation.

"Dawn was chosen from a highly-competitive pool of applicants," said MFTA's President, Roger Buchholtz. "She brings a unique combination of experience, skills, and passion to this new position. She is exactly the type of person we sought to lead our organization." MFTA is working with legislators, citizens and businesses to put the Michigan FairTax (MFT) proposal on the Ballot in November 2010 to make Michigan the #1 place to locate new business. "Michigan was once a leading economic state but is now at the bottom of the list. We are losing companies, jobs, and people largely due to our tax structure", said Buchholtz.

Dawn has worked in public, government and community affairs since 1992 in foundations, trade associations, higher education, and community-based, non-profit organizations in, and around, Detroit. She graduated from Michigan State University and later completed a Fellowship with the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State. 

"I'm delighted to know MFTA will be in such good hands, as it continues to grow under Dawn's leadership. I think MFTA's supporters around the State are going to be impressed by what's ahead," said Buchholtz.

Ms. Dayton said she was drawn to MFTA's mission because of Michigan's dire, and worsening, economy. "The current tax system is not working for Michigan. It's complicated, unfairly burdens lower and middle-income families, and it is driving businesses and jobs out of Michigan. I look forward to the transparency and fairness in our tax system that MFTA's forward-thinking volunteers have already set forth," she said.

About the Michigan FairTax Proposal

The Michigan FairTax Proposal, if enacted into law, will completely replace the Michigan Income Tax, and most business taxes, with a simple 9.75% retail sales tax. As a result, people will be taxed only once on a purchase, and no longer will business taxes be hidden in prices. For the first time in generations, citizens will be able to see their true tax burden as it will appear on every sales receipt. All purchases made by Michigan citizens will be made with pre-tax dollars because there will be no Michigan income-tax withholding. The sales tax will go up 3.75 cents, but residents will keep the 4.35 cents per dollar that is currently withheld for income tax. To protect the poor and middle-income households, every legal Michigan household will receive a "prebate" payment that untaxes spending up to the poverty level.  Due to the prebate, and other uses of income that are not taxed (e.g., savings), a typical effective tax rate, for a family of four at median Michigan income, will be ~2.5%. Thus, the "prebate" makes this sales tax, progressive. It varies from 0% at low spending levels to 9%+ at high spending levels. The MI FairTax is:
- Simple. When you buy something you are paying your taxes; no income tax filings.
- Fair. Similar-sized households receive the same prebate and everyone pays at the same tax rate; no loopholes.
- Visible. Our taxes will be shown on every sales receipt, rather than hidden in the prices we pay.
- Economically Expansive. Michigan will have the most favorable tax environment for business and residents
For more about the MI FairTax proposal, visit

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We have appointed an Executive Director to take us to enactment of the MI FairTax.  Her name is Dawn Dayton, and she has the experience and knowledge to help us make it happen.

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