November 21, 2009

Geithner- 'have transparent books to end corruption.' | Well why not the Federal Reserve

In speaking to Senator Benjamin Carbin on C-Span,   'U.S. and the G-20':
Tim Geithner spoke to how important it is to get Nation State Banks around the world to have transparent book to end corruption.  Funny how he seemed to blush at saying that as the Federal Reserve hasn't even shown one page and is the only Bank to have not opened the Federal Reserve books, with legislation by Doctor Paul seeking the order of a full audit. 
Does this not scream for justice?  Where is the Press?
What of the funds that the Banks being closed by the Federal Government?  Who is absorbing them?
How is it that everyone sat silently as the Federal Government consumed GM & Chrysler?
If You look the other way one part of the Constitution, you look away on all the Constitution~
R. George Dunn

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