November 21, 2009

David Schimdt- A Baseless Smear of Huckabee |attempt to divide the Quest

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A Baseless Smear of Huckabee

I am sure many of you have read Kristofer's two recent posts (see here.)

If you read the posts, his basic allegation is that Huckabee is connected with American Right to Life which has recently called into question some of Sarah Palin's pro-life credentials.  In short, he is insinuating that Huckabee is using American Right to Life to attack Palin for political gain (to knock her down as potential 2012 competition).

There is no evidence to suggest there is any truth to this claim yet Kristofer is willing to post these wild speculations. Let me break down what Kristofer has written point by point. I will start with his latest post that can be found here:

Kristofer alleges that Huckabee is connected to ARTL because his website links to an Iowa newspaper article about Huckabee appearing on an Iowa radio station almost a year ago where Huckabee talked about his disappointment in some cultural conservative leaders like Gary Bauer not backing his campaign...


my comment:

I believe it was , who near the end of the primary, stated, "We made an error" in not supporting Governor Huckabee.  Now we have someone playing games.  Truth is in the fact that we have but one goal, the Quest for liberty and Freedom which only comes from the Conservative Mantra at this hour.
We all are of the same Quest and at this moment, it is clear, the Constitution and all the fruit to will bear if we but adhere. This passion is found in many groups to include that of the Huckabee*Palin. The Libertarian, the Constitution, the Paul Groups, conservative independents, All hold to the Truth of going by the Constitution, not to mention the Constitution's Authors thru to Reagan, thru the 2009-2012 TeaPartys.

These arrows of dark will not quench this unity for the Constitution. Let us be united before the primary, solidified in the outcome.

Constitution & FairTax Please~

R. George Dunn

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