October 03, 2009

video: "Mike Huckabee - How to join the Huckabee Fan Club"


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CPAsheldon has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Some of you are and some of you are not Huckabee fans. But I thought you might like to check out this pretty cool fan site that is growing rapidly. You still might be the first one in your county. I was today! I think that Americans will know Mike much better with his Fox News show. I am not certain what the circumstances will be for 2012, but Mike is still my favorite.
Video instructions on how easy it is to join the fastest growing 2012 Presidential Fan Club in the world - The Huckabee Fan Club. Thousands of Huckabee Fans across the globe joining this grassroots organization to help lift America back up to higher ground on this epic journey. Join your friends and family today to help achieve a Huckabee Fan from every county in America before 2012.


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