October 23, 2009

FairTax under Review

Actually, the FairTax Resolution requires that the tax system be changed to a place that is as if the 16th Amendment (which is being confused to tax income)has been repealed and reuires the Act to desolve should the 16th not be repealed within a seven year window allowing for 35 States to ratify the repeal.

SmartBandwidth, your words are very true but for your lack of understanding how the FairTax will shift our Nations Tax burden from domestic production to an equal distribution on all product imported and domestic.

Before the Bush/Obama big Govenrment ploy with our economy these past two years, the mathmatical % to replace the IRS Code was 23%. Imagine if we can get that down to 2, 3%? This would allow for the States to prosper individually and the individual to find a job or create to prosper.Jobs are what we need and putting the tax burden onto imports and lowering it on domestic manufacturing will do just that. FairTax please!

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Rose has been a News Blogger on truth for many years. Her discussion on the FairTax has been very productive. Please check it out here: http://hellomichigan.blogspot.com/2009/10/oped-there-are-two-major-problems-with.html

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