October 23, 2009

FairTax is but one factor of many Needed by USA

The FairTax is but one factor of many that need to be done.  Freedom of Unconstitutional Conduct by the Federal Government as well as the fiscal demise we are in must all take place simutaniously.
The need for jobs is immediate.  We only know a part of the story.  Imagine mass accounts of Commercial loans and home loans sitting in limbo, called Shadow Defaults.  The FairTax is a major need at this moment to embrace the future as it is unfolding.  Hope is in the details.
As to transferring the powers from Federal to State, we did not get into this overnight and it will take time.  My greatest suggestion is to put healthcare Savings Accounts and Social Security into a voluntary system managed by the Board of Governors, getting the Sheriff aspect of the USA out of the treasury business.  By making a social program voluntary by State Statute, it will free our disgrace that not following the Constitution has decayed us into.
Fiscally, at $500,000 per Citizen, America is in default.  By ending the Federal Programs abruptly, a vacuum may erupt.  Either way, we still need jobs.  We still need the Fiscal step of freeing us from the tyrannical tax system we have and cutting fresh, the lower the Government spending the better our economy.  FairTax PLEASE~

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