July 08, 2009

A plan to fix our HealthCare System

President Bush established HSA (Health Savings Accounts) which work in unison with catastrophic health care plans.  They are a wonderful plan, especially for the young, as it establishes a savings plan that can reach the catastrophic deduction and be there when you need it, year after year.  Also, you can continue to add to this HSA as an IRA.
For those who are not able to afford health care, the cost of the HSA/IRA plan is much more affordable for the younger crowd.  If still unable to afford due to say the current tax system eliminating jobs, it is a State issue to cover you.  States would be wise to create an system with the HSA/IRA which will create a competitive approach, such as a % of the Catastrophic set aside by the State to those on assistance would go toward their IRA value to be available at retirement or for buying a home.
The Catastrophic healthcare plans also have built into them free preventive care like physicals & certain tests to prevent major complications before they set in.  It is a perfect way to cure our healthcare fiscal crisis.
The Federal Government has no business in being a nanny State.  Their guideline set by the Constitution is very limited.  If we continue to ignore the Constitution, you can kiss it goodbye and with it the liberty and freedom it has preserved.  But the Federal Government could set guidelines for interstate coverage that would mandate the use of HSA/IRA plans, but not if the Company is intra-state.
Check out this video by Governor Huckabee on how the current plan of President Obama will not be good to us.
R. George Dunn

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