July 12, 2009

Cows to our fiscal resue

If you are going to do something social wise it would not be wise to do so without avoiding the pitfalls.  Better to think in mind of benefit to All of society and remain capitalist.  The Post Office Reminds one of such.
As in the PostOffice you have companies fulfilling other tasks within business, a nitch if you will.  Here is one that came to mind.  We are about to make every cow in the USA GPS located.  Cows are suddenly top of the hill looking to better times.  We can give the Cows herdhealth. 
Our domestic product suddenly becomes the safest product in the Planet.  Jobs related to the Cows is large and if just one of the expensive costs is eliminated, it would have an impact on every single commodity market. 
Add to that jobs, veterinarian hiring help, Cow Farmers getting a well deserved break.  All agriculture in the Community would get a boost and your grocery shelves.  
Best to let Government get out of business, stop taxing our production and look to consumption.  That way those DC Shadow imports will be taxed also.  FairTax please   www.fairtax.org
R. George Dunn

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