May 25, 2009

The taxing of the People into not affording to be poor

Comment to the linked article, read first.

R. George Dunn Susan Demas,

Your attitude betrays you. Your tea bag comment points to your arrogant elitism that is destroying this State and Nation. Grow up and join We the People.

You ever wonder why we are losing jobs which means less money for the projects you speak to? Would more tax on a dying State save it from itself?

First fix the death march Michigan and the USA is in and then the rest will come. How is that so you ask? Michigan has one of the highest production tax in the Nation on goods manufactured here and it makes for the inability to compete with other States not to mention foreign imports. Throw on top of that the monstrous DNR, DEQ and the self-centered Zoning commissions and you end up with employers saying why would I move to Michigan or stay when I can be profitable in another State or Country?

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R. George Dunn
 R. George Dunn
Many of Michiganders cannot afford the demand on them now, with the insurances, the inflation that is not being spoken to by our so trusting government. Now you want to add more to the burdens of taxing without an option to being poor? Shame. You are willing to take food out of the mouth of children and the clothes and shoes they need, for what...? To feed a bureaucracy?

The tone I have tended in this response to your article depicts yours, but even more is the blind and government greed of power basing by the use of the current production tax system. If you want Michigan to prosper and to have enough people to utilize the roads and the repairs needed, change the tax system to consumption and watch how worn the welcome mat will get from jobs flooding in to take advantage of one of the Worlds most educated and mechanically/technically advanced people of any Nation.

Fair Tax please.
It's summer - OK, for a couple days it felt like summer - the time of year that even nerds like me long to fling aside their copies of "The Economist" and hit the open road. Truth be told, I'd do just about anything to be summiting Avalanche Peak right now.

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