May 25, 2009

" My God, it's a perfect storm! " HELP ( enact the MI FairTax ) !


Michigan FairTax Association
Truth in Taxation
Dear R George,

On April 2nd, the Detroit News headline exclaimed,
"Leaving Michigan Behind: Eight-year population exodus staggers state"

Reporters French and Wilkinson ferreted out some shocking facts,
Michigan's economy in perilous waters!"Since 2001, migration has cost Michigan 465,000 people, the equivalent of the combined populations of Grand Rapids, Warren and Sterling Heights-- the state's second-, third-, and fourth-largest cities."

A local demographer understood, "These numbers -- my God, it's like a perfect storm -- the education, the income, the young people, everything is going in the wrong direction."
The "sea change" - ignored by Michigan's lawmakers! 

Michigan's perfect storm has been in the making for years.  Yet, those in control of Michigan's government chose to shift the existing tax burden, rather than cutting spending. They've passed the Michigan Business Tax, selling it to the gullible public as a "tax on business." Because taxing business income provides politicians with a tax code to play with, Lansing routinely cuts deals that favor some businesses (like that media darling, the movie industry) while damaging others.
Houses going dark in MichiganWhen they can, businesses cope with the MBT by passing their costs on to you and me in higher prices. When they can't, they move out of the state, or go out of business. The rate at which business is not coping is alarming. That same news article goes on to tell us,
"The state loses a family every 12 minutes, and the families who are leaving -- young, well-educated, high-income earners -- are the people the state desperately needs to rebuild."
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WHO will navigate Michigan to safe, prosperous waters? 
Our current political leadership in Lansing has an unyielding attitude when it comes to tax simplification, and making Michigan more attractive to business.
With the help of legislative leaders, Gov. Granholm intends to place a proposal on the November 2010 ballot to make the Michigan income tax more progressive, using the same deceptive (and divisive) rhetoric of "soak the rich," and "tax business."  Despite failed initiatives to engineer the economy, Michigan's current political leadership continues to place their faith in their own ability to pick winners and losers.  And they maintain this power as long as there is an income tax code that powers the buying and selling of tax favors to special interests (at our expense).
The Michigan FairTax Association believes we - the People of Michigan - must take hold of the "ship of State," to relieve our government of the tools of mischief that have enabled them - and the special interests - to distort and destroy our economy.  We must do this by placing the Michigan FairTax proposal on the November 2010 ballot. This will require us to obtain 1/2 million voter signatures.
A Michigan FairTax will pay for government when we spend our money, not when we earn it.  It will do away with the income tax code, so coveted by our elected representatives, and put an end to their manipulation of economic behavior by both businesses and individuals.  It will end the wasteful, and costly, slavery that is imposed upon us by an income tax system that requires us to keep records, file income tax returns, and needless subjects us to audits, interest, and penalties - all in order to prove that we're entitled to keep what we earn! Imagine! 
Michigan can light the way for our country!We, the people, have the power to move Michigan away from the income tax system - where politicians and lobbyists have control...
to a consumption tax - where power is restored to individuals, as our Founding Fathers intended. 
Enacting the Michigan FairTax will turn Michigan into a safe harbor of security and prosperity for businesses, jobs and families.  Once accomplished, Michigan will become a lighthouse to the country.
New member - or not - let's get OUR "engines started" - NOW!
In order to turn our "ship of State" on a new course to prosperity, your Michigan FairTax Association must ramp up membership and donations through member presentations across the state. It, frankly, is up to you and me to both spread the message (members) and fuel the message ($$).  Begin by helping to . . .
1) "Spread the message" - Email us a DATE.  Right NOW! 
Sponsor a MI FairTax presentation.  Include your NAME + CITY and email it to: (Don't worry about TIME or PLACE just yet.)
Jam-packed with FairTax events - fill 'er up!This is the date we're going to present the MI FairTax to a group of your family, friends, neighbors, and associates.  (You can work out details of WHERE, and WHAT TIME, after you email us. In fact, you can even change the DATE, if you need to.) 
Then, look for your NAME on our Events Calendar. Say your name is Chris Smith from Detroit, your presentation will list under the  DATE you emailed us:  Your Calendar entry will appear white on red, like this (where "14" is your Congressional / MI FairTax District number):  
14 Detroit - Intro Presentation (Smith)  <= Details to be provided
After you send us the TIME (say 7 pm) and PLACE (building address) we will complete your entry with details and note you (or your designate) as the "RSVP to" contact.  It will then appear like this on our Events Calendar: 
7p 14 Detroit - Intro Presentation (Smith)  <= Completed w/TIME, etc.
2) "Fuel the message"Make a donation.  Right NOW! 
Commit to a small, monthly donation.  How much is it be worth to you, each month, in order to save Michigan's economy?  We suggest "10 bucks a month" (but Just a little, every month, adds up!don't let us limit you!) If you, like so many, are just  trying to "stay afloat amidst the waves," sending any amount, monthly, can make a big difference when many people get involved!  Gonna wait to give until times are better? Regrettably, waiting may short-circuit the very thing we desire.  
By funding the effort NOW, you'll help us support our "Spread the message, Fuel the message" campaign with the media support we'll require in order to
successfully collect 1/2 million petition signatures to place the Michigan FairTax on the ballot.
3) Taking the MI FairTax plan VIRAL - across the state.
Invite others to a presentation!"Spread the message, Fuel the message!" Talk to friends where you work, play, and/or worship. Place an ad in your local paper, community or club newsletter. Hold a presentation, then identify those of your attendees who will do the same. 
MFTA will assist with presenters and will provide you with the back-up to organize those you bring into this "Spread the message, Fuel the message" campaign
Our Support Must Be More Than "Lip-Service" - Make It Meaningful !
The Buck STARTS Here. The idea is that if each of us, does even "a little," financially, on a recurring basis -  taken together, we will generate substantial revenues to educate and advertise this important message state-wide. Help unleash this powerful message, sign up for our:
Or, if you utilize a bill pay service through your bank or credit union, you may elect to set up "MFTA" as a payee on an automatic $5 bi-weekly remittance, scheduled after your paycheck is deposited. (Set-up information at the above link.)
While not the largest financial commitment you'll ever make, this commitment will be the most important!  Ultimately, passage of the Michigan FairTax will let YOU decide when - and how much - the State benefits, based on when YOU benefit from purchasing goods and services for your family.
Give muscle to our message!  Contribute "just a little" every month - Right Now!  Success is doing a little bit, each month!
Roger Buchholtz, State Director
Michigan FairTax Association
MFTA seeks to educate the public - without respect to political party affiliation - about the Michigan FairTax plan (pdf) and the benefits of taxing consumption instead of income.  The progressive Michigan FairTax will untax all family spending to the poverty level, then increase - as an effective rate - as retail spending increases thereabove.  It removes business taxes and compliance costs from retail prices, and will make Michigan THE growth destination in America for business, jobs, and families.
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