April 06, 2009

Vote in 2nd round poll -corrected link

Important Poll on Glenn Beck's site--VOTE on your Top 5 issues--

Michigan FairTax Association
Truth in Taxation
April 6, 2009
Dear R George  

(Corrected link) - The link apparently changes each day.  If you have any trouble try going to their homepage.
We have made it to the second round of polling (final 20 out of 50) for the Glen Beck TV/radio shows.  We need to get all our family and friends to join us in voting for the FairTax again as the issue for Glen Beck and his followers to work on.  Please go to the site at the 912project.com  and vote for our issue.

This is not in support of him or his site but to utilize the site for media coverage.
The publicity that the Glen Beck TV and radio shows would bring to our cause is worth millions in advertising dollars. Please VOTE NOW!!!!!!!
In order to raise our number compared to other issues, it is probably best to vote for VERY few, if any, other issues on the list so it helps our relative standing in the Top Ten.
Please share this site with your friends, family and associates.  This is a great opportunity to bring a nationally known celebrity to advocate for the FairTax.  Please take a minute to visit the site and VOTE.  (You don't have to "register" to vote.)
We hope you can make it to Lansing on the 15th!
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Consider joining the "10 bucks a month Club" 
Sincerely,                                                                            Donate
Roger Buchholtz, State Director
Michigan FairTax Association
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