April 03, 2009

Ten Ways You Can Help HuckPac Today





Dear Michigan Huckpack members,
The new website has launched.  It is a fantastic way to be kept in the loop, blog, or participate in live chat. Our goal is to build a nationwide grassroots army of volunteers. There are at least



1.  Email and invite your friends to join Team Huck.  You can send emails by clicking on the "Invite Friends" link on your Dashboard.  Or just email them a link to www.teamhuck.com.  To get credit though for the friends you invite, use the link on your Team Huck Dashboard.


2.  Create an event. Do you know of an upcoming Tea Party protest?  Or an upcoming local GOP meeting?  Or are you interested in meeting with other Republicans locally to discuss politics?  You can now create an event and invite your friends to participate. 


3.  Share your story.  On April 15th, Huck PAC is hosting a National Volunteer Day – 24 hours set aside for Volunteers -- to share why they are joining our team and what issues matter most to them.  In the past Huck PAC has hosted a Vertical Day, to give candidates a chance to promote their campaigns, National Volunteer Day is a day to promote our Volunteers.


4.  If you are a blogger, and don't see your blog listed on your state's blogroll, we encourage you to submit your blog.  We then ask that you blog about Team Huck and add one of our banners to your blog. 


5.  Get Involved On Facebook, Eventful and Twitter. 


     Facebook: Each state has its own Facebook group listed on your headquarters page and Mike Huckabee's Facebook profile is listed on the bottom of the website.  We encourage you to join our state group and become a supporter of Mike Huckabee.  The link to this is http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=47476999541&ref=ts.  Or simpler yet, sign in to your Facebook account, and search for Huckpac Michigan. 


     Eventful is a tool we are using to promote Mike Huckabee events nationwide.  Add yourself today to Eventful and "Demand" that Mike Huckabee come to your town. 


    Twitter is a great way to communicate on the run.  Mike Huckabee's twitter account has over 8,000 fans and is growing daily and it is something he uses each day to share news.


6.  Make a contribution in support of Team Huck.  Whether you contribute $5, $10, $25 or even $50 you will be helping Team Huck build a nationwide grassroots movement to fight for our ideas and the candidates that support them.


7.  Visit our Downloads section (you can find a link to it in the right column under Team Huck Resources) and choose one of our promotional fliers to print off.  Then choose five friends to give one to or find a message board in your dorm, supermarket or local coffee shop and post one there.


8.  Take some time to click on other states on our Team Huck HQ map.  Learn about the candidates we are supporting and the hard work our volunteers are doing in every state.  If you know friends living in one of those states invite them to join as well.


9.  Leave a comment on your state blog and ask either myself juliefoster@huckpacvolunteer.com or debramantey@huckpacvolunteer.com and ask them what else you can do to help.  We are building communities in every state and to succeed we need you to take an active role on the ground and online.  Would yuou consider being a community leader?


10. Write the President, and contact your representatives. If we are vigilant enough they will listen.  If they have turned a deaf ear, they need to be turned out of Congress.  Huckpac is always looking for quality candidates to support. If you have suggestions, please send them on to huckpac.com. 


On a personal note, if you haven't seen the Tomas Paine video I loved this video by "Thomas Paine" (even though I don't believe in all his solutions): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeYscnFpEyA.  It has me fired up for the tea parties on April 15th. To find a location near you, please visit http://www.reteaparty.com/2009/01/americas-tea-party/.  Rumor has it Joe the Plumber is going to be in Lansing.


Lastly, I love feedback  

God Bless you!


Julie Foster

Grassroots Volunteer Coordinator for Huckpac in Michigan

The new website has launched.  It is a fantastic way to be kept in the loop, blog, or participate in live chat. Our goal is to build a nationwide grassroots army of volunteers.  http://www.huckpac.com/?Fuseaction=Home.Home

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