April 03, 2009

Constitutional crisis demands a States Council investigation

Wyoming: Don't mess with U.S. Constitution
Resolution opposes convention to debate 'our most precious rights'

Posted: March 24, 2009
9:16 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
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The state of Wyoming has adopted a resolution to inform Washington bureaucrats and bureaucracies of its opposition to any plans to hold a Constitutional Convention that would recommend changes or alterations to the nation's founding document.

House Enrolled Joint Resolution 3 was signed recently by Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal.

The Wyoming Family Coalition said the measure, sponsored by state Rep. Bob Brechtel, R-Casper, is intended to announce the state's opposition to "any attempts to dismantle the United States Constitution which has generally served the country well for nearly 230 years." ...


"A Constitutional Convention would open a Pandora's Box in this country and would allow debate on our most precious rights," said the WFC's chairman, John Birbari of Lander.

"These rights come from God and are guaranteed by the lawful U.S. Constitution, they include our rights of free speech, the right to assemble, the right to practice the religion of our choice, the right to keep and bear arms and many others," he said.

"Given the current climate in Washington, the people of Wyoming do not want these rights or any of the basic provisions of the Constitution threatened by a Constitutional Convention."

The bill passed both houses with overwhelming majorities and was signed into law by the governor March 11.

"It takes 34 for states calling for a Constitutional Convention in order to have one," Birbari said. "Until this action by our legislature, 32 states had issued the call including Wyoming. Now, it's down to 31." ...


My comment: 

As the far left continues to overrun our constitution, we need a summit on what is now being done unconstitutionally and fix it.  That in of itself does not mandate for a Convention of change, but one of policing what we have.  If the States would put together a council to bring out the truth of the tyranny going on, it could help set the table for a healthy convention down the road and not too far from the grassroots firestorm that is brewing.

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