April 25, 2009

Atlantic cooling may presage Arctic ice increase

Atlantic cooling may presage Arctic ice increase


Recent satellite observations from the Arctic indicate that spring ice melting is beginning at a lower rate than normal this year. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the area of ice-covered ocean has decreased only about 750,000 km2 from its peak value at the end of February, compared to a normal decline of 1.1 million km2 by late April. If this trend continues, the annual ice melt in 2009 may be less than in recent years, and the late summer Arctic ice extent may rebound from its well-publicized downtrend.


My comment:

We are on the threshold of one of the greatest destructive moments in fiscal history as the power of Government will be altered tremendously by the taxation of energy, the fuel of free enterprise.  All this is being done at a time when the earth goes into a cooling phase that could equal that of the 1700's known as the Mini Ice Age. 

The sun is at a very calm stage of existence this moment, be so to equal the lack of sunspots during the late 1600's and early 1700,s.  As the earth cools, carbon will deplenish, making for yet cooler atmosphere and less plant growth thus lowering the agricultural production. 

We will need all sources of energy to sustain life on the planet to include the green technology that is in metropolitan areas making leaps in energy conservation.  But the cost of alternative energy to Oil is very expensive and not yet perfected.  Nuclear is gaining ground in safety and the possibility of small contained units in communities the size of suitcases buried under ground are attainable now.  Yet we must draw on carbon from the earth to gain on our existence.  To not do so is more then foolish, it is a threat to life itself.  We need the energy to survive and the earth needs the carbon to keep itself warm by promoting a healthy vegetation thus heat from living mass.

Do not allow this coming tax on energy become law.  Al Gore wants both the huge cap and trade tax as well as using the carbon tax to distribute wealth based on some bureaucrat's policy and in Al Gores case, he is corporately exposed to be one of those money changers for carbon tax distribution.  Just say NO!


R. George Dunn

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