March 30, 2009

HuckPAC Michigan-MICHIGAN FAIRTAX or bust

Blog from MI Coordinator, Julie Foster: Michigan has been a dying state
for years now. Businesses are so tax-laden, they are fleeing the state, or
simply shuttering their doors. Michigan never recovered from the initial
recession, its been dead last in economic recovery for years now. Its
unemployment rate is in the double digits.

Our democratic governor has approached business in the same way the Obama
administration has proposed. Taxes and fees have increased for all. The
result is a mass exodus of business and long lines at the unemployment
office. What democrats seem to be unable to grasp is that if there is no
business, there is no tax to collect.

As a former small business-owner, I had some insight into the business
community. I was stunned by the amount of hours I would have to spend
everday- just to calculate the amount of tax I had to pay. Sales tax, FICA
tax, FUTA tax, Employee tax, Single Business Tax, and so on. One day I was
so fed up, I grabbed the earlobe of an elected official, showed him all the
forms I had to fill out, and yelled "Steam- line this stuff!"

The answer for Michigan's economic woes and the country's for that matter is
the fair tax. To fill out one form instead of 6 or 7, frees up a business
to conduct business. With no corporate income tax, businesses would flock to
Michigan like geese returning in the spring.

Under the fair tax, people get to keep their paycheck. If they could do
this instead of paying into the government welfare sheets (by paying an
exorbitant unemployment tax), they would have money to spend on local
businesses. The businesses wouldn't be laying them off- they would be
flourishing instead of folding. If people had money in their pockets,
instead of lining thepockets of fat Washington bureaucrats, they'd start
buying houses and cars again.

We desperately need Huckabee's fair tax- that's change we can believe in.
Right now in Michigan we are lucky if we have the change in our pockets.

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If you want to see what this country is going to look like after the
liberals get hold of it, God forbid, then take a good look at Michigan.
Only Fair Tax can save this State and Nation.

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