March 31, 2009

"Great Lakes for Huck's Sake" Monthly Meeting!/4/15 Tea Party!

Attention all Michigan HuckPAC supporters!
The "Great Lakes for Huck's Sake" will be meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Auburn Hills, Michigan at 6 p.m.  After we meet for dinner, we will be envelope -stuffing and addressing letters to Congress. If Auburn Hills is too far for you to travel, please e-mail me a restaurant location and I'll e-mail the invites out to people in your area.   
Our first challenge was brought to us by David Nelson of Berkley.  He suggested we bring red envelopes and address them to  President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington D.C. 20500. On the backside of the envelope you write: "this envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion. It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of this world."  It is not to late to do this- let's pray that our President hears the cries of the innocents.  
The next challenge is to bring tea bags and stationary.  We are encouraging everyone to watch the Second American Revolution:  This "must see" video is at  Here "Thomas Paine" encourages us to join in the fight by mailing tea bags to "our non-representative representatives" in Congress.  Inside, we could enclose a plea for the Fair Tax-  "Taxes: "Be Fair- Or You Are Outta There".
I'll be bringing with me my new bumper stickers, for which I hope to help Huckpac raise some money.  "Eliminate   Toxic Waste, Begin With Congress". Look for them on E-bay.
When the time nears for the Congressional elections of 2010, our group will be like a family.  We are going to rise up  and restore our nation back to the vision of its forefathers- one election at a time.

Julie Foster, MI Coordinator
If you are not a member of Huck Pack of Michgian, go to this link and join up:

 Also there are active meetups for Huck Pac to join:
Hope to see you at the Tea Party!

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