March 31, 2009

The Great Falling Away of the Church=Few Christians have Biblical Worldview

Chuck Baldwin has stated to what the Bible calls the great falling away of the Faithful from the Church.  Only 19% of Christians are believers!
R. George Dunn
Few Christians Have Biblical Worldview
By Chuck Baldwin
March 31, 2009
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The prolific pollster George Barna just released another startling survey:
among America's professing "born-again" Christians, only 19% possess a
Biblical worldview. That's right. Some 80% of professing Christians do not
possess a Biblical worldview.

And it's not as if Barna's survey questions were all that difficult. Barna's
criteria for determining a person's Biblical worldview were the following:

*Believing that absolute moral truth exists;

*Believing that the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it

*Believing that Satan is considered to be a real being or force, not merely

*Believing that a person cannot earn their way into Heaven by trying to be
good or do good works;

*Believing that God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world
who still rules the universe today.

In the research, anyone who held all of those beliefs was said to have a
Biblical worldview. And again, even among professing "born-again"
Christians, only 19% were shown to have a Biblical worldview.

See Barna's research at:

This survey helps explain a bunch!

How in the name of common sense can Christians expect to be the "salt" and
"light" to a lost and dying world when the vast majority of believers do not
even possess a basic Biblical foundation?

Of course, many mainline Protestant denominations lost their allegiance to
Biblical truth decades ago. And now it seems that a majority of evangelical
churches are consumed with the politically correct doctrines of Prosperity
Theology and Entertainment Evangelism. Old-fashioned Bible Christianity has
been replaced with avant-garde movements such as the Emerging Church,
Purpose Driven Church, Seeker-Sensitive Church, User-Friendly Church,
Meta-Church, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

The result of this departure from Biblical Christianity is that some 80% of
professing Christians today do not hold a Biblical worldview and are,
therefore, impotent at being the "salt" and "light" that our Lord requires.

Let's face it: without a Biblical worldview, these modern "born-again"
evangelicals are walking around with pagan, Christless worldviews. Instead
of the Bible, socialist talking heads, globalist media moguls, hedonistic
entertainers, political hacks, and humanistic academicians are the ones to
most influence their opinions, philosophies, and mindsets.

And just whose fault is it that our churches have become so riddled with
infidelity and apostasy? The preachers, obviously.

Instead of standing up on their own hind legs and proclaiming, "Thus saith
the Lord," without fear or favor, they are falling all over themselves
trying to emulate Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Bill Hybels. Instead of
preaching with the fear of God in their hearts, they preach with the fear of
the I.R.S. and the G.O.P. in their hearts. Or, worse than that, they "tiptoe
through the tulips" for fear of their own church members.

I will say it one more time, if America's preachers would stand up in their
pulpits every Sunday and not be afraid to preach the truth (and courageously
relate it to America's everyday problems and challenges including our
political problems and challenges), the ship of state could be turned around
overnight! As the pulpits go, so goes the nation. And right now, the pulpits
of America are leading our country over the cliff!

It is for this very reason that, a few years ago, I began a nationwide
campaign to discover the modern "Black Regiment" pastors and churches in
America. As a result of this effort, we have already identified scores of
pastors and churches across America that have gladly chosen to identify
themselves as being part of America's "Black Regiment."

See the Black Regiment web page here:

If you find a Black Regiment pastor in your area, by all means, join with
and support both him and his congregation. How can pastors be expected to
courageously proclaim the truth unless people who appreciate the truth
support them with both their attendance and offerings?

It is also for this reason that I am now live-streaming my Sunday morning
messages on the Internet. We now have hundreds of thirsty souls watching us
every Sunday morning. For the most part, these are people who have tried
desperately to find courageous, independent-minded patriot-pastors in their
communities, but have failed to do so. Our live-streamed broadcast gives
them an online home where truth is preached. If you want to join them, use
this url on Sunday at approximately 10:30 a.m. (Central Daylight Time):

George Barna's research is tremendously revealing--and disconcerting. It is
a sad day when many unbelievers seem to have more character and conviction
about the foundational principles of constitutional government, liberty, and
independence than do professing Christians. But then again, if Christians
cannot be trusted to understand and revere the Sacred Text, how can they
understand and revere the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution,
and Bill of Rights?

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