January 17, 2018

Fwd: Michigan Cross - Under Attack! Spread the word!

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Subject: Michigan Cross - Under Attack! Spread the word! 
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A Michigan Cross Under Attack!!!

Father Marquette Memorial CrossSomeone is offended by a cross in Michigan - and wants it removed!

There is a Cross in Pere Marquette Twp., Michigan (see map), near Ludington, Michigan.

It is a tribute to a brave man, a Jesuit Priest
who in the 1600's worked to influence northern Michigan for Christ.
This cross monument has been in place for decades. 

Recently, an atheist submitted a request to the township to have the cross removed. He has the backing of a couple liberal groups.  

We need your help to KEEP THE CROSS IN PLACE! 

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates! 

Articles to Read and Share

Here is a comprehensive piece on the history of Father Marquette and the significance of the situation by Salt and Light Global

Pere Marquette cross monument under fire as community considers fate

Cross Story Spreading Nationally

Video and Story on Defending Cross

Your Call to Action

We need your help! Please do the following asap and encourage your peers to do the same

  1. Spread the word! Forward this email, ask others to send to their list, share it on social media!
  2. Send an email, leave a voicemail to the township leaders (see below)
  3. Attend the meeting if you can! 
  4. Get word to others in the community! (Those who live there will have the biggest sway vs those of us who do not live in that area) 

Meeting with Township Leadership:   

A meeting for the community, with the Township, is now arranged: 

Tuesday,  January 23 at 6:30 pm
Peterson Auditorium in Ludington Mi.
(It is located behind the Ludington High School with an entrance off of Washington St.) 

This meeting will be dedicated to any concerns from the public on the Father Marquette Memorial. 

Contact Leaders: picture of cross

Here are the links/contact info for the local leaders to call and voice your opinion with.

Pere Marquette Township Leaders - Click here 

Paul A. Keson, Supervisor, paul@pmtwp.org

Rachelle Enbody, CMC, CMMC, Township Clerk, Rachelle@pmtwp.org  ~  231.845.1277

Kristin Lange, Deputy Clerk, Kristin@pmtwp.org

NOTE: Please keep commentary respectful and polite. Thank you!

Talking Points

  1. The memorial cross is not in violation of the separation of church and state. Click here for a better understanding the issue from Wallbuilders. 
  2. The memorial to Pere Marquette does not violate the Establishment Clause because it was not an action regarding or relating to the act of establishing or founding of a religion.  Neither does the memorial, even with its cross, subject the American citizenry to governance under a theocracy. Nor does it coerce the American citizenry, by force of law and penalty, to practice one official religion to the exclusion of all others. The memorial to Pere Marquette does not, therefore, violate the Establishment Clause.
  3. It is a reflection of our area's history and our community's story. It is harming no one.
  4. There are more important ways for our community to spend its focus and time. 

Please PRAY ... and spread the word on this cause! 

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